The ancient Science, Vastu Shastra deals with the energies that flow mainly in the four directions- North, South, West and East. Even our ancestors followed it, for they knew the importance of striking a balance with nature. It lays down certain principles that must be followed by a person so that they can co-exist in an environment with the forces of nature.

Pandit Pawan Kaushik, who is a renowned Vastu Consultant in Delhi says, “You must have heard the phrase- ‘Home is where your heart is’. If we, with the help of Vastu Shastra make little changes in our houses, we can live a healthy and peaceful life.” There are certain things according to Vastu Shastra, which clearly states down the things that we must do and the things that we must avoid.

Dos according to Vastu

  • Enhance the East direction According to Vastu, Lord of the East direction is Indra. This direction must be given particular attention for pleasing the King of Gods. It should always be neat, well-lit and ventilated.
  • Installation of a Name Plate The words on a nameplate must always be bold and clear. It should always be installed at the chest level of a person. Placing it at a level lower than the chest can result in rejections and declines.
  • Placement of Documents Always remember to keep your documents which are important in the North-East directions. It helps in keeping your life conflict free. For protection, make a swastika where you store your papers.
  • Light a Diya Diya must be daily lit in the morning and evening. It keeps your living space free from every kind of negativity and brings happiness into your life.
  • Mark your presence Never keep any part of the house untouched. Always make your presence felt in all the directions and particularly in South, West and South-West direction.

Don’ts according to Vastu

  • Plan your entrance carefully Never keep the entry of the house from South-East. The reason is, Lord of Fire dominates South-West and this part receives the strong and harmful rays of the Sun all day. If you have a door in this direction, the negative energies will keep on coming inside your house.
  • Placement of Water Tank Avoid placing the water-tank in South-West as Fire and Water are opposites of each other and if put together, they result in creating differences amongst the family members. Committing this blunder can also land you in legal troubles.
  • Placement of Mirrors Mirrors reflect everything! Never hang or put a mirror in the south-direction as it can bring confusion in the matters of your life. It is strictly advised that newly-weds must never have a mirror in front of their beds.
  • Indoor Plants Plants purify the air around us and make our surroundings lively. But if you are fond of keeping plant inside the house, never keep thorny plants like cactus indoor. This can make the environment of your house negative and unstable.
  • Discard what you do not use Sometimes we avoid throwing certain things away because we feel that we might find a use for them in the future. In Vastu Shastra, keeping useless and waste things in the house is not at all considered auspicious. One must keep the house clutter free as having such things around can make you sick and lonely. They also prevent the positive energies from entering the house! These simple Do’s and Don’ts of Vastu Shastra can once again bring in your life- happiness, prosperity and positivity! Practice them and see the difference they create in your environment.

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