Vastu Tips for Bedroom Have you ever wondered why you like visiting certain homes while dislike visiting others? Why sometimes you are a happy couple once outside your house but it gets dark and gloomy the moment you are back home. Did you know every place has its own set of prevailing energies and these energies influence us the moment we enter these zone. Every single corner of the house is known to exhibit certain vibes that may affect us positively or negatively depending on how balanced are the five elements of nature in that particular area. One should note that intense arguments, fights, stress and troubles in the house warns us about the existence of negative energies and one must take actions in order to get rid of them. Can anything be done to maintain harmony in the house? Welcome to the world of Vastu Shastra. This science studies the directions that favour the five elements of Nature: air, water, space, fire and Earth. The principles work in such a way that any imbalance in the direction of these five elements can be corrected and a peaceful environment can be maintained. Following are some of the basic rules in Vastu Shastra, which if practiced, by a couple can eliminate the roots of troubles between couples and help maintain a lasting relationship. Get rid of any Clutter Get rid of any clutter the house as it is known to obstruct the flow of positive energies. Unused things must be thrown away for channelizing the right energy in the house. cluttered room

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Watch your Watches Never place any stopped equipment, such as a watch, in the house as they are believed to stop the flow of positive energy inside the house. Watch your Watches

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Direction of the Room The bedroom of the newlyweds must be placed in the south-west direction as this direction is known to spark love and understanding between couple, and ensures lasting relationship. Direction of the Room

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Sweet Dreams The head while sleeping must always be in the South direction as north is the direction of Gods. This direction is known to provide sound sleep & improves financial balance in the house; thus, preventing money related stress and quarrels. Sweet Dreams

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No Dark Colors The walls of the bedroom must never be painted with black colour as they create a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the house, leading to dark thoughts between the couple. No Dark Colors

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Say No to Fancy Irregular Furniture The beds in the room must be regular in shape. Note that Irregular shapes attract negative energies. Also, avoid placing the bed between doors as it obstructs the flow of positive energy in the room. It is advisable to not use Metal or iron beds as well. Say No to Fancy Irregular Furniture

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Be cautious of the Mirrors Any mirrors in the room, placed on the opposite side of the bed, must be removed as they are the leading cause of misunderstandings and quarrels. Be cautious of the Mirrors

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Do not worship God in Bedroom Never place a puja ghar or idols of God in the bedroom as this room is for relaxation & pleasure. However, if there is no other location, make sure its located in north-east and you should never point your feet towards a puja ghar. Do not worship God in Bedroom

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Keep the Bathroom Closed A bathroom dwells negative and destructive energies. Hence, it is necessary to keep the doors of the bathroom shut at any given point. Keep the Bathroom Closed

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Keep the flame alive with matching pillows Always place the pillows in pair as they help maintain harmony in relationships. Also, make sure you use a single mattress on the double bed instead of separate two mattresses. It instills positivity in the relationship. Keep the flame alive with matching pillows

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Invite good luck with Aquariums Placing an aquarium in the house is beneficial for financial gains as well as relationships. It helps reduces anxiety and tension. The water represents the course of our lives and development. Invite good luck with Aquariums

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Where Flowers bloom, so does Hope Always place fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers in the house. These are a good source of positive energy. Thorny plans are a strict no-no inside the house as they invite stress-causing fights; with the only exception of rose plant. Where Flowers bloom, so does Hope

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Add Lights to your Relationship Make sure that the bedroom is always well lit as it helps keep the ambience soothing, and preserve the warmth and love between the couples. Add Lights to your Relationship

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If you ensure the above mentioned remedies, they can help maintain peace and harmony in relationships. You can balance the energies and maintain a prosperous & healthy environment.

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