Who doesn’t love having a balcony and rejuvenate in this open, refreshing space of the house? However, most of us are quite unaware of the fact that the balcony that appears so soothing to them can be a reason of their sadness and failure in life if not built in accordance with Vastu Shastra. Did you know a vastu-compliant balcony helps balance overall energy of the house? Below are a few tips for balcony and open spaces in your house that can favor the inflow of positive energy in your home and bring fortune.

Direction & Roof of the Balcony

North and East are the appropriate directions for balcony as these are the directions responsible for happiness in life. One should avoid having balcony in South or West direction. If a balcony is already built in these directions, then they should be covered with proper tin roofing to annul its negative impact on the energy of the house.

Height of the balcony

The height of the roof of the balcony should be lower than that of the other parts of the house as it helps in balancing the overall energy of the house. Also, the floor should be lower than the elevation of other parts of the house.

Shape of the balcony

The desired shapes of the balcony are square and rectangle as the pointed edges of the square and rectangle-shaped balcony helps attract positive vibrations from the cosmic atmosphere.


The best position to place the furniture in balcony is south-west corner. Avoid placing any furniture in north and east directions so as to allow the unobstructed flow of sunlight.

Direction of the Swing

If you wish to have swing in your balcony, make sure it is located in the East-West side so that the person sitting on the swing faces north or south direction.

Use Plants to bring life

The suitable location for plants is north-east corner of the balcony so as to ensure the proper nourishment of these plants through adequate sunlight. Adequately nourished plants provide freshness, positivity and immense joy to the inhabitants of the house.

Invite positivity to your house and relish with your loved ones in the sanctity of your Vastu-compliant balcony.