We are living in an era where everyone toils hard all day to earn a roof over their heads. People live in multi-story buildings where every apartment is built in a different direction. An important question that arises in such a situation is – how to live peacefully in a house that is not at all Vastu-compliant? In a world where the price of properties is touching the sky, is it possible for a person to buy a Vastu-compliant home? According to Vastu, a home is a ‘living thing’ that is either full of energies or is lacking one. We make a lot of efforts to enhance the energy of our body but fail to enrich the energies of the surrounding of which we all are a part. There is a co-relation between the energy of a person and the energy of a house. We often consider a house unlucky if we experience financial, health or relationship problems while living in it. When we come to face with such a hard situation, we usually take the advice of a Vastu expert. We think of either reconstructing the house or decide to change it, which are both time and money-consuming remedies.

How to balance the energies of a house?

Do not worry if your house is not Vastu compliant. Follow the below steps to balance out any imbalance in the energies of the house:

  • De-clutter your house – It is impossible to solve a problem if we do not know the cause of it. First of all, it is important that you must identify the space that is spreading negativity in your house. Look out for all the dirty, dark and heavily loaded areas. De-clutter the spaces as positive energies only walk into the homes that are clean and beautiful. Keep your house the way you keep yourself.
  • Choose the right colors – Do you know that problems come up in a house if there is too much use of a color or if there is a deficiency of it in the house? Check the presence of rainbow colors – VIBGYOR. In Vastu Shastra, every direction has a corresponding color. If one applies the colors appropriately, the positive energies get enhanced. For example –

  • North Green
    North East Yellow
    West Violet
    South Yellow
    South East Blue, Indigo
    East Red, Orange

  • Let air and light enter in the house – Air and Sun are necessary and naturals energies. It is important that a house must be well-lit and well-ventilated. Light coloured curtains must be used in the house. Always open the windows in the morning, so that the sunlight can touch every corner of the house.
  • Perform Yagya – Yagyas hold a lot of importance in Hinduism as they make the environment of a house pious. If you feel that there are negative vibes in the house, then perform a Yagya so that any form of unwanted energy can be removed from the house. Also, light a lamp during the evening in the house. This protects a house from the evil eyes.
  • Meditate and balance your Chakras – Our body has seven main chakras that can be balanced through meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting and therapies. Problems related to health and mind can be cured if the chakras of the human are balanced.

No matter how big or small any house is, it is always possible to make it Vastu-compliant. The negative effect of any ‘Vastu dosh’ can be nullified if a person maintains a healthy environment in the house.