The directional science of Vastu Shastra aims at an effective combination of the important 5 elements of nature. Vastu Shastra categorises the energies present around us on the basis of their effects; some are pleasant while some generate a depressing atmosphere. Water, Earth, Air, Space and Fire are the essential elements which if balanced, can produce wonderful results for an individual.

According to our Vedas, a human desires the fulfillment of seven basic needs. Let us learn how Vastu can help us by fulfilling those basic seven needs.

First Basic Need: Good Health

One cannot work, if they do not have good health. We never fall sick too often if the environment in which we live is healthy and positive. Vastu principles keep off all sorts of negative energies, mental stress which helps a person in staying sound and healthy. Do you know that plants, colours, placement and shapes of furniture and lightning, all affect the mental and physical well-being of a person?

Some tips:
  • If your bathroom is in the North-East direction, you may suffer from chronic diseases. So avoid it.
  • Couples who are trying to conceive must avoid sleeping in the North-East bedrooms.
  • The North Pole may disturb your sound sleep. Avoid sleeping with your head in the North direction.
  • Any water source, be it swimming pool or a fountain, if is in the South-West corner, can create mental stress and depression in your life.

Second Basic Need: Regular inflow of income

According to Vastu Shastra, people who keep on repeating phrase such as, “We are poor people” as a joke are actually empowering their problem. Time is precious. Never waste it. You must always pay your dues and bills on time. Vastu principles can help a person in gaining financial stability if one adheres to them strictly.

Some Tips:
  • Always sit in your shop or office with the face in the North direction.
  • The slopes in the workplace or in the house must not be towards the South or South-West direction.
  • Remove anything that obstructs the North and South direction.
  • Make your entrances vibrant as it attracts wealth.

Third Basic Need: Loving and Caring Life Partner

A good life partner can make the journey of your life, easy and stress free. They help you in overcoming the obstacles that you sometimes experience on the path of life. According to Vastu Shastra, ‘Law of Equality’ must be practiced for bringing love and stability in marital life. The dark areas of the house must be well-lit with an equal amount of light.

Some Tips:
  • Always keep vibrant colours in the rooms when it comes to curtains and wall colours.
  • Never place a mirror in front of your bed as doing so can give rise to fights and arguments.
  • Always hang happy and inspirational pictures on the wall. Avoid any depressing picture such as that of wars or somebody’s death.

Basic fourth need: Recognition

In the present world, everybody demands attention from the society in which they live. Money never brings fame but vice versa. Vastu principles can help a person in getting that name and fame.

Some Tips:
  • Try enhancing your North-east and East direction.
  • Always keep the central area of the house neat and clean.
  • Never put very heavy objects on the main entrance.

Basic Fifth Need: Obedient Children

The relationship that a child and a parent shares, is said to be the purest one in the world. But in today’s era, lack of respect and coordination is sometimes witnessed in this relationship. The ego clashes that are happening slowly make the parent as well as the child bitter towards each other. However, Vastu can help you in building a strong character of your child which can strengthen your bond with them.

Some Tips:
  • The North portion of your house must not be higher than the south portion. This can create instability in your relationship.
  • Your child can become too demanding and dominating if his or her room is in the South-West direction. Avoid doing this.

Sixth Basic Need: Protection from Enemies

Nobody wants enmity with someone that can create stress and disturbance in their personal and professional life. Revenge and fights can consume a lot of your time, energy and money (if you get into the legal battles).

Some Tips:
  • Always keep the South-eastern corners of your house clutter-free.
  • Fire is an element that attracts enemies. If you have a lot of fire items in your surroundings, try keeping an equivalent amount of water sources.

Seventh Basic Need: Awakening Spirituality

If you slightly improve the spiritual vibrations of your home, slowly you will experience their direct effect on the finances and relationships. It is always good to develop a spiritual atmosphere at home as it keeps you guarded against a lot of negativities.

  • Meditate for a fixed number of hours in a day. Even if it is for some minutes, do it daily.
  • Concentrate on your ‘karmas’ by pressing the index finger and the thumb.
  • Help the needy people.
  • Never harm animals as it can bring on you bad karma. Feed the stray dogs, cows and other animals in you vicinity.