Every person longs for his/ her perfect soul mate and desires for a peaceful and joyful married life. But do those desires always come true? No. Many times, people are seen quarrelling on petty issues and despite their best efforts to maintain harmony in the relationship, they fail to make their marriage a ‘Success’. As per ancient Vedic Astrology, these disputes, conflicts and lack of understanding, love and intimacy in a marriage relation occurs due to the malefic effect of unsuitable positions of planet.

Here are a few astrology remedies that will help nullify the adverse effect of planets on your married life and spring forth love and affection for your spouse:

De-clutter your bedroom

A messy room is a symbol of your messed up mind. Clutter in the house represents chaos and misery. If you want to get rid of any chaos and instability in your relationship, keep your room clean and organized. Throw or give away any unnecessary belongings from your room.

Choose the right bed

A bed plays an important role in the lives of a married couple. This is where the couple connects with each other at an intimate level. It is important to choose a right bed, so as to prevent any lack of intimacy or sexual troubles amongst a couple:
  • Do not place the bed in any corner of the room. It should be placed away from the corner and should have access from all the sides. This helps in constant flow of the positive energy around the bed
  • Place your bed in a way that your legs do not towards the door while sleeping.
  • Do not place your bed directly below the ceiling as the rotating blades can create twirl the energies and increase pressure levels.
  • Do not store anything under the bed, so as to avoid restricting the energy flow.

Avoid mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in Vastu Shastra. They can reflect or deflect the welcoming energies based on their positions. Mirrors on either side of the bed are forbidden as they are believed to cause medical ailments. Also broken mirrors should be avoided at any cost as they can further develop cracks and tensions between couples.

Keep the doors closed

Although many of us believe that keeping the doors open can invite positive energy in the room, instead, the doors should always be closed especially when the couple is sleeping to avert any external interference.

Water bodies

As per Pt. Pawan Kaushik, any water bodies such as fountains or aquarium should not be kept in the bedroom as the constant flowing water represents instable marital life. However, they can be placed in living to invite overall prosperity.

Electronic Equipments

Electronic equipments are a big NO in the bedroom as they cause easy distractions and tend to take away any seriousness from the relationship.

Add some greenery to your life

Flowers and bushes represent beauty and blossom. Decorate your bedroom with flowers and bushes for love and renewal in your relationship. You can also plant flowers in every room of your house.

A bedroom is for TWO, not ONE

Whether you’re buying bed sheets, pillow covers or show pieces, always buy them in pair i.e. two pieces. It instils fairness and love in a relationship. Never buy a single pillow or single bed sheet. Buy a pair of pillows or double bed sheets.