How does Vastu Shastra Affect your Health?

The science of Vastu Shastra helps in bringing peace and prosperity in your life. Most of you would agree to the proverb, ‘health is wealth’. Everyone wants to be in good health, preventing illnesses, mishaps and injuries. Simple Vastu guidelines can help you prevent illnesses and also assist quick recovery.

1. Sleeping with your head towards the South will improve your overall health. However, you must ensure that your bed isn’t under a beam. This arrangement could be bad for your health.

2. Never sleep with your head towards the North. It can affect blood circulation and cause serious health issues, such as high blood pressure and insomnia.

3. Most health problems are caused due to an imbalance in the fire element of the house. The South-East direction is considered as the fire zone, and should have balanced energies.

4. You must light a candle in the fire zone every day for good health.

5. The fire zone (South-East direction) is the best direction to have the kitchen. Not having the kitchen in the fire zone can lead to health disorders.

6. You should also ensure not to have a gate in the South direction. If your house has a gate in this direction, keep it shut always and replace it with a door made of wood that is so high that it blocks the view of the road outside.

7. Drinking water while facing towards the North-East or the East direction can be extremely beneficial for encouraging good health.

8. There should be no staircase at the center of your home. It can lead to major health issues. In fact, the center area of your home should be kept empty, with no heavy furniture.

Follow these Vastu guidelines to ensure good health for your entire family. Sometimes, health problems can also be a result of the doshas in your birth chart (kundali). Get your kundali checked for doshas by astrology and Vastu expert Pt. Pawan Kaushik and seek the needed remedies. Book an appointment today: +91-9990176000.