Chart analysis and predicting the course of a person’s life through their planets and stars is the very basis of astrology in the current times. Astrologers take a look at their native’s birth chart and read through their energies to arrive at a definite understanding of what will happen in their future while helping them solve their present. However, with centuries of information passing down from generation to generation, a number of different ways have been developed by astrologers for reading these charts.

Yes, there are more than one ways or methods used by famous astrologers all around the world to read horoscopes and make a predictive analysis of the native’s life. This article discusses the 6 most famous and well-documented methods of future prediction used by astrologers. But before that, let’s first understand the basic rules that apply to these methods.

Basic Rules

These are some of the basic rules of all astrology based predictive analysis followed by astrologers:

  • There are 12 signs and 9 planets which includes Rahu and Ketu (except for western astrology that takes Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus into account)
  • Rashi Chart, Bhava Chart, Navamsa Chart, and transit chart are the most important
  • Ayanamsa is also an important categorisation that divides different types of methods used for prediction.

Different Astrological Methods for Predictions

  • Parashara Method
    Named after the Rishi Parashara who developed this method, the Parasara system is the most common amongst astrologers. It uses the Birth Lagna alongside planetary positions, transits, and Vimshotthari Dasha for the analysis of the birth chart of a person. As far as the Ayanamsa is concerned, the Parasara system uses the Lahiri Ayanamsa for calculations.
  • Jaimini Method
    Another famous method named after another famous sage (Rishi Jaimini), the Jaimini method uses more than just the Birth Lagna and Chandra Lagna to make predictions. It takes into account other special lagnas like Arudha Lagna, Ghati Lagna, and Hora Lagna. Beyond this, the Jaimini method also uses more than just one Dasha. But what makes it truly different is that it uses Rashi Aspect and Bhava Drishti alongside planetary transits to make predictions.
  • KP Method
    The Krishnamurthy Paddathi or the KP Method is named after the famous astrologer who came up with this system of calculation using the KP Ayanamsa. This technique gives a lot of importance to the Rashi Lords, Nakshatra Lords, Sub-Lords, and Sub-Sub-Lords. The behaviour of these lords, combined with the accuracy of birth time with seconds can produce accurate results through birth chart analysis.
  • Naadi Astrology
    Very well-known in Southern India, Naadi astrology makes use of what is called the Naadi AMSA, which is the 150th part of a Rashi. Through the analysis of a planet in a certain Naadi, predictions are made.
  • BV Raman Astrology
    Another greatly known method named after the famous Astrologer who developed it, the BV Raman method of astrology is based on the strength of a planet’s position in the Rashi Chart and the Navamsa Chart. Through the analysis of these positions, the benefic or malefic aspects of a planet are understood by a native.
  • Western Astrology
    Western Astrology takes the sun as their basis for all calculations, and with the use of tropical Ayanamsa, all predictions are made for a particular year for a native.
  • Astrology is as varied as the time that it has existed through. After thousands of years of analysis and changes in our understanding of the stars, there have been several changes in our methods of astrology. As an expert of Indian astrology, Pt Pawan Kaushik is well versed with all the techniques used in astrology and uses a science-backed way of making predictions and suggesting remedies. Book your appointment to have your horoscope analysed by the expert today.