The types and importance of Janmashtami Fast

The occasion of Janmashtami is celebrated as the day of mortal birth of Lord Krishna that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Lord Krishna has a special place in everyone’s heart and that is what makes this day even more special. As per Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on the 8th day of Ashtami of Krishna Paksh in the month of Bhadon of the dark fortnight. There are some spiritual customs and practices that are followed during Janmashtami.

The most followed custom performed on this day is Janmashtami fasting. The fast is observed till 12 midnight when Lord Krishna was born and the devotees offer prayers to the lord on this day.

Types of fasting on Janmashtami

Observing a fast is a custom that is followed to remove the impurities from the mind, body and soul. The devotees spend their day worshipping the Lord and chanting Lord Krishna’s mantra:

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Raam Hare Raam Raam Raam Hare Hare”

There are two types of Janmashtami fasts observed on this day:

  • Nirjala Fast: In this fast, the devotees don’t eat or drink anything until midnight when the Janmashtami Pooja is performed and bhog is offered to the lord.
  • Phalahar Fast: In this fast, the devotees refrain from eating grains, cereals, rice and salt. They only have potatoes and buckwheat flour during the day. The devotees can also drink milk and have fruits before sunset. The phalahar is consumed at midnight after offering Bhog and prayers to Lord Krishna.

The importance of Janmashtami fast

The Janmashtami fast is far more beneficial compared to Ekadashi fast. Yudhishthira once asked Lord Krishna about the benefit of Janmashtami vrat. Lord Krishna explained him the significance of observing fast on Janmashtami and how one will never lack food, wealth and fame by observing the fast of Janmashtami.

There are many other benefits of fasting among which acquiring good health is a major factor. Observing fasts is a great way of keeping a good health. Pt. Pawan Kaushik explains that it is a natural treatment by which one can keep himself immune from the various diseases. To know more about Janmashtami and other Hindu festivals feel free to call us on 9999097600 and get your appointment fixed.