Tips For Making Your Kitchen Utensils Vastu-Secure

Small things can make a big difference, and Vastu is a living testament to this statement. Making small yet meaningful Vastu changes in the kitchen space can deliver powerful impacts. A kitchen is a place that is centric to not just the wellbeing and health of the house members but also contributes majorly in cementing our bonds with friends, and guests for life and beyond. So what is a perfectly Vastu aligned kitchen? You will find all the answers in this blog.

Vastu Kitchen & Energy

Vastu is a science that works to balance the pervasive negative and positive energies within a given space. The kitchen is one place which shouldn’t be Vastu non-compliant. Ignoring Vastu for your kitchen can be the cause of misfortune ranging from health to finance. Here are a few must follow Vastu tips for various items that are part of your kitchen workspace.

1. The Stove

You should make it a point to place it in the southeast corner of the kitchen. And not just the stove, all the electrical appliances must be aligned towards the same direction.

2. Water Utensils

The water utensils must be placed towards North-East or North direction. Even drinking water must be located in the same direction.

3. Small Utensils

Small utensils like curry bowls, spoons, dessert bowls, etc. must be kept facing the East or North direction.

4. The Boxes

We all have all sorts of storage boxes in our kitchen where we store our grains, pulses, flour, spices, etc. These boxes must be placed towards Southern or Western direction.

5. The Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, mixer grinders, microwave ovens, etc. are now part and parcel of every kitchen. However, one must avoid keeping them on the main platform itself. As per Vastu, they must be kept on a separate L shaped platform built adjacent to the main platform.

In addition to the above, one must remember cleanliness is still the key to healthiness. The best Vastu services in Delhi emphasizes the importance of maintaining cleanliness around. Over the years, renowned astrologer Pt Pawan Kaushik has helped thousands of people benefit from the power of Vastu. With Vastu, one can not only bring positivity and happiness in your and as well your loved one’s lives.