This Summer Use these 6 Vastu tips for An Ideal Home

Summer is approaching so is the scorching heat. While we all wait to indulge in tubs of ice-cream and wear our favourite hot pants, the idea of heat waves, tan and warm weather makes us cringe, right? The burning heat makes us want to stay at home with AC, TV and lots of food around. However, keeping our homes cool becomes a task when the scorching sunlight is peeping in through our windows and doors.

Our home is the best place to preach positivity, tranquility, and calmness. But how to achieve an atmosphere that would aide our goal? Vastu is the answer. Vastu studies in detail the layout, design, and measurements of geometrical coordinates that create a positive aura. If our surrounding, whether home or office are constructed as per Vastu preferences, then negative energies will be at bay.

Here are a few summer Vastu tips for an ideal and positive house:

1. The Door that Opens to Happiness: The house door is the gateway to happiness, prosperity, and positivity. It is the passage for the smooth flow of energies both in and out of the house. Therefore door that is facing the east or north is auspicious for the home. Also one must invest in making the entrance fun, lively and welcoming to invite blessings.

2. Lively Living Rooms: Our living room is the only space that nurtures a variety of energies. It is the room that welcomes different guests with varying energies. However, if the living room is made as per Vastu, it can help flush away the negative energy of the room. It is suggested that the host must face the North or East on the arrival of the guest and all electronic items must face the south direction.

3. Flushing The Negatives in Bathroom: Our bathrooms tend to hold negative energies in abundance. Therefore as per the Vastu consultant, it is ideal to decorate the bathroom with natural green plants and candles. These elements are an excellent source to bring positive energy in the room.

4. Serene Meditation Room: The Pooja room is one of the most auspicious and important places of the house. The room is a storehouse of positive energies that drives peaceful aura all around the house. As per the Vastu, the ideal direction for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of the house.

5. The Food Factory: The cleanliness, the positive vibes and the aura of the kitchen, directly affects the food which directly affects our health. Therefore, one must ensure that their kitchen is constructed as per Vastu tips, i.e. it is constructed in the South-west corner. Drinking water should be placed on the northeast side while the burner and stove must face south. Kitchen upholds drastically different energy; therefore it must not be next to a bedroom.

6. Cozy Bedroom: Our bedroom is the place where we unwind and relax at our comfort. The room must be divine with positive aura as it is our personal space where we practically live. To attain a comfortable and calming sleep, our head must face south direction. Also, the room should be decluttered to allow an abundant flow of light, energy, and air.

Following vastu is more of choice than a compulsion. It is suggested that if we plan our personal space whether house, office, etc. in accordance with vastu, it will bring wealth, health and prosperity in varying aspects of our life. An expert’s opinion goes a lay way in ensuring goodness and positivity.

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