A harmonious balance of energy in our body and around us allows a steady flow of activities in our lives and keeps us healthy. The energy in and around us is represented by five elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These five elements are interconnected and interdependent, and their perfect balance with each other allows us to thrive.

Each of these elements connects to an internal organ and influences our emotions which ultimately affects our actions and the mind. We all are a part of the five-element cycle of energy balance, and these elements manifest within us. When the elements are balanced, we feel energized, happy and healthy.

Let’s understand how these elements affect us and how they interact with each other:


It defines properties like that of a tree, growing and developing.

The Wood element is more prominent in the spring and is associated with our liver and gallbladder. Thus the liver energy flows smoothly in the spring, detoxifying our body and giving us more strength and vitality. This is an important time to focus on the liver.


The fire element is most prominent in summer when the weather is also very hot. The energy channels most prominent in this element are the heart and small intestines. We must focus on enhancing our heat energy in the summertime for better health.


Although this element is active throughout the year, given its properties of embracing and forming of new life, this energy is most prominent during the last 7 to 10 days of summer. This element forms the foundation and shares a great balance with other elements. The last 10 days of each month are an excellent time to focus on enhancing our stomach and spleeny energy channels.


Metal energy is most prominent in fall, which is the time to reap the harvest of summer. The energy channels associated with this energy are lungs and large intestines. To prevent breathing problems and other ailments during the transition period from summer to winter, one must focus on strengthening lung activity.


When the winter season creates an atmosphere of hibernation, and the plants go into their dormant cycle, this element is the most active then. During winters, one must focus on the energy channels: kidney and bladder to enhance the vitality of the body and to keep us more active for the seasons ahead.

Thus, the energy of each element is more or less prominent in seasonal and daily cycles. A person is assigned several elements according to his body constitution, his character, his year of birth, etc.

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