The Science Behind Raksha Bandhan Rituals

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival that is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month of Shravan. This day is dedicated to the pure relation of brothers and sisters. The term Raksha Bandhan is made from two words Raksha (protection) and Bandhan (Relation). On this day, a sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrist while the brother takes an oath to protect her for a long as he lives.

On this day, a Rangoli (Sattvik) is drawn on the seat where the brother sits. This spiritual Rangoli emits pure frequencies that make the surrounding environment sattvik. These Rangolis inherit ten percent of its energy from the god that can be gained by the brother who sits on the seat. This helps diminish the negative energies that results to distress.

Waving of ghee lamp

After tying the Rakhi, a ghee lamp placed on a platter is waved in front of the brother. Waving the ghee lamp emits the fire element known as ‘Tej’ that helps to increase absolute fire principle in the brother. A ghee lamp has the ability to attract the divine energy that comes from God. A significant amount of divine consciousness of God is active in the flame. This flame of ghee lamp burns negativity.

The science behind not keeping expensive items in a platter

Any expensive item including money should not be kept in the platter as it gives rise to desire and other corresponding impressions on the mind of sister. Due to this, the spiritually impure components (Raja-Tama) increases in her mind. This results in conflicts between the siblings and reduces love towards the brother.

The importance of having spiritual emotion while tying Rakhi

A sister can never bear that her brother is in any kind of trouble or discomfort. She can do anything to protect her brother from all the difficulties. Every sister should keep her spiritual emotion (bhav) on the day of Raksha Bandhan while tying the Rakhi.

There is a scientific reason behind every spiritual task performed on this auspicious day. For more practical knowledge about these rituals, feel free to visit our website or give is a ring on 9999097600 and have a personalized conversation with Pt. Pawan Kaushik.