The real significance of Vastu Shastra

An ancient science developed thousands of years ago, Vastu Shastra is still very relevant and applicable. The principles of Vastu are implemented to attract positive energy that can result to happiness, wealth, health and prosperity of an individual. The buildings constructed as per Vastu principles are characterized to provide positive energy to the people who live there. It would surprise you to know that Vastu owes its origin to the Indian philosophy, geology, religion, maths, geography and other external factors that influence any structure.

What does Vastu Shastra mean?

The word Vastu means a house or a place where one resides. This word is derived from a root word Vas that means to live or reside. The term Vastu includes the following:

Bhoomi: Bhoomi means the site or plot where the building is proposed.

Yaana: The term yaana means the vehicles parked within the bhoomi.

Prasada: This includes the compound wall and buildings that are built within the bhoomi.

Shayana: This includes all the furniture and utensils in the building.

The term Vastu also associated with a Sanskrit word ‘Vasathi’ that means ‘comfort’. The term comfort is associated with the right positioning and proportion of the five elements of nature i.e. Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth) Vaari (Water) and Akash (Sky) in our surroundings. The association of these five elements with the eight directions (E, W, N, S, NW, SW, NE, SE) leave a major impact on the lives of the people who live at such premises.

The term Shastra is a Sanskrit word for science and stands for the guidelines and principles laid down for the construction of any building. The study of Vastu shastra is focused on arranging the above-mentioned elements in their respective places so that they are in complete harmony to assure peace and happiness for all the people who live there. It is followed extensively without paying attention to the logic behind its application.

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