In 2018 you will get several new opportunities for growth but also challenges. The huge number of opportunities coming your way may make it difficult for you to gain from them. You may see yourself chasing new projects all time. It is best to plan your year ahead. October to December is the best period for you whereas the time between March and August may trouble you the most.

Taurus 2018 Career Horoscope

Even after putting in great efforts, you may not get the desired results since you will be more indulged in chasing new projects. Go for the more feasible projects to make the most out of all opportunities. You need to work seriously with utmost focus between mid-April and August. Keep networking and promoting yourself as and when there is any opportunity.

Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

The low health of your spouse or partner may bring you difficult times from 18th April to end of August. Some marriage decisions may come up on 27th June or 28th August but it will not be wise to make a decision any time before September. Love relationships may face some turbulence; avoid getting into any controversy until 20th November.

Taurus 2018 Financial Horoscope

You will receive good inflow of money but your expenses and liabilities would not allow any savings. You should refrain from making any major investments this year. The time period between 6th October and 17th November is not beneficial for making financial decisions.