spritual significance of mohini ekadashi

Do you know that observing Mohini Ekadash can change your life, even when everything is lost? Have you ever thought of drawing prosperity, cleansing your soul, and performing penance all at once? You can achieve material success and reach the pinnacle of spirituality by acknowledging and practicing rituals during the day. But how can that be achieved? The blog lists out Mohini Ekadashi’s significance and will leave you awe-inspiring. You can notice ancient and untold enigmatic secrets that can transform your life.

How important is Mohini Ekadashi for Hindus?

The day of Mohini Ekadashi is one of the most revered days that holds high regard for devotees. It is observed in the Hindu month of Vaishak or Baishak (April–May), during the 11th day of the waxing of the moon. Bhakts, or devotees, pray, meditate, and fast to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. It is believed that forgiveness and prosperity dawn on those who follow traditional rituals while praying.

The Tale Behind Mohini Ekadash

The seed of Mohini Ekadashi is rooted in ancient Indian Puranas and history. As per the revered texts, the story dates back to when Devtas (God and demi-gods) and Asuras (Demons/Devil) came together after stiff negotiations and, in the greed of living a life with no death, to churn the mountain in the ocean to extract the elixir of life or immortality nectar.

  • The event was called Samundra Manthan.
  • The Almighty had a significant role to play.
  • Lord Vishnu incarnated in the Kurma Avatar (Turtle) as the base for Mount Mandar (used as a rod) in the heavy currents of the ocean.
  • Vasuki Naag (Serpent Vasuki), the one that surrounds the neck of Lord Shiva, was used as a rope to twist and turn the mountain.
  • Several divine entities incarnated from the churning, including Goddess Laxmi, Kamdhenu Cow, Kalpvriksha, diamonds, gemstones, and enormous venom (Halahal).
  • Witnessing every species die, Lord Shiva drank the Venom, and his neck turned blue, which earned him another name, Neelkanth.
  • In the end, nectar (amrit kalash) is incarnated in a pot placed in the hands of Lord Dhanvantari.
  • Demons pounced on it and took it away.
  • Devas panicked and requested the almighty Vishnu, and he became Mohini, the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.

Goddess Mohini Depiction

Learning the fear of Devatas and how to prevent demons from becoming invincible, the Mohini Avatar titillates and woos with her performing arts. Demons get swayed away by unparalleled celestial beauty. The goddess successfully distracts the evil and distributes the nectar to devatas with strategy and ease.

Symbolizing Mohini Ekadashi

The day of Mohini Ekadash is the testimony that for bhakts, the almighty can transform into any roop (form). Also, the Lord paves a path for demonstrating the triumph of good over evil. Thus, those who observe fasting or vrat on the day are said to have similar divine influence in their lives. Devotees can become calmer, prosperous, and even attain moksha (salvation).

Rituals Followed During Mohini Ekadashi

The auspicious day of Mohini Ekadash requires the utmost sincerity of a devotee, along with complete devotion. One needs to follow a series of rituals to seek blessings from the deity.

Preparation: A Day Before

  • The preparation for this biggest ekadashi begins the day before, on what is called Dashmi.
  • Devotees start prepping for the Mohini Ekadashi Vrat Katha (story heard on the Ekadashi). The Mohini Ekadashi vrat also focuses on no lies and anger performed on the day
  • They congregate light food for fasting that is considered pious (sattvic).
  • People bring ingredients for hawan, pooja, and products for decoration.

Praying and Fasting on Ekadashi

  • There’s a custom that people avoid eating beans and grains to stay away from negative energies and keep their systems light.
  • They consume fruits, nuts, milk, and flour drawn from fruits to devote their time to prayers and thinking about the supreme power.
  • Moreover, they keep away from consuming tamasic foods like garlic and onion, which are said to produce negative energies in the body.
  • In the strict fasting ritual, devotees abstain from food and water for 24 hours.
  • Devotees wake up early, take a bath, and perform a special puja devoted to Lord Vishnu’s avatar, Mohini.
  • Holy texts like the Vishnu Sahasranama (a hymn comprising 1,000 names of Vishnu) and mantras are recited on an asana (a mat used precisely for worship).
  • People worship the idol or image of Lord Vishnu in temples and their homes and seek the fulfillment of their desires.
  • Devotees offer fruits, dry fruits, and flowers, along with basil leaves (holy Tulsi), to the Lord and distribute them to devotees as prasad (sacred food blessed with deity power).
  • People light earthen lamps or diyas with oil and ghee to enlighten their homes with positivity. It expels darkness from the mind and body and provides relaxation to the soul.

Help the Needy on Mohini Ekadash

People take this opportune day and perform saintly karma by helping needy people. Provide them with the food. They offer fodder to cows, feed grains to birds, and help the underprivileged with clothes and essential products.

Mohini Ekadashi Benefits

Spiritual growth: The ekadashi is the best time to receive spiritual growth and learn about life beyond life. The realization of the true self can be attained by constantly thinking about the almighty. The practice fosters personal growth and aids in drenching into divine bliss.

Eradicate past sins: When the devotee surrenders completely to the deity, he or she receives a boon of forgiveness, where past sins are forgiven by the almighty.

Abundance and prosperity: wealth, success, fame, and good health are the direct outcomes of the Mohini Ekadashi.

Mental and emotional peace: people who observe fasting and pray feel light and find emotional and mental balance in the holy feet of Lord Vishnu.


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