This is a question that strikes every mind as Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in bringing peace and prosperity in a house. We are living in an ultra modern world where everyone is in a hurry and sometimes do not pay heed to the importance of Vastu. Pandit Pawan Kaushik, one of the best Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon, says, “It is wrong to say that a house or a room is a ‘non-living’ thing. In Vastu Shastra, we believe that every place has certain energies which affect the person living in it and every aspect of their life.” If you ever experience prolonged illness, problems in relationships or finances always consult a Vastu Consultant and make the corrections that he suggests you to bring back the lost positivity of your house.

Arrange and clean the house

Identification must be done at the earliest of places where you do not like spending time. You can clear the clutter from some dark spaces. If the gloomy corners are cleaned and brightened up with beautiful things, the entire ambience of the place reflects positivity. Try hanging happy and positive images on the walls of the house.

Use Subtle Colours

Sometimes, the colours might be the root cause of certain Vastu problems. Always try to colour the house with rainbow colours (VIBGYOR) as they are vibrant and lift up the spirits of a person. The lost balance of the house can be corrected if directions are coloured according to their corresponding Colours.

Open the windows during the day

Sitting in a dark house all day can seriously slip you into depression! It is very important for a house to be airy and properly lit. Always try to open the windows as much as you can so that the Sun and air can brighten up your house. Despondence prevails in houses in which there is a lot of darkness even during the day time. Try to use light coloured curtains that should not block the passage of light.

Light a lamp or perform Yagyas

Fire is one of the 5 elements in Vastu Shastra that requires balance. Even if you do not get time during the weekdays, try to lamp a diya on weekends or perform yagyas once in a while for purifying the energies of the house.

Balance your Chakras

Chakras store in them a lot of energies, and it is very important to balance these chakras with the help of exercises, meditation, and recitation of Mantras. Imbalance in any Chakra results in mental or physical problems. A house is always what we make it. If you wish to make your house Vastu compliant, these important tips can help you in enhancing the aura of your house!

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