The Significance of Pardosh Vrat

Pardosh Vrat is observed by men and women who seek happiness in life. This Vrat is one of the most important vrats observed by Hindus in order to worship lord Shiva and Parvati. The meaning of Pardosh is evening and those who observe this vrat perform pooja at the evening time or Sandhya kala. Pardosh falls twice a month on the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha. This vrat can be divided in two types i.e. Shani Pardosh that falls on Saturday and Soma Pardosh that falls on Monday.

Lord Shiva devotees observe this fast and consume light food i.e. fruit salad or juice. On this this occasion devotees pray to lord Shiva and chant Shiva mantra’s. This vrat holds great significance and the importance of performing this vrat can never be ignored. It is strongly believed that one can become free from all the past sins by chanting Shiva mantra during the pooja. It is also believed that by chanting this mantra all your wishes can come true. One of the most famous Katha about Pardosh Vrat is of a Brahmin lady who came to muni Sadilya with an orphan, Dharmagupta. That orphan was a price whose father died in a battle. Sadilya instructed them to take Pradosh Vrat. On the eighth Pardosh, she got a pot of nectar to drink. After that Dharmagupta married a celestial prince. The prince conquered his country back with the help of her father. This is a Pardosh Katha that is famous among the shiva devotees.

Another story that adds to the significance of this Vrat is related to the Halahal poison. As per this story, Lord Shiva drank this poison to save the world from its adverse effects. This poison was obtained during Samudra Manthan during Pardosh. The devotees believe that Lord Shiva takes up all the sins and give moksha. Opting for a spiritual empowerment fasting and chanting mantras of Lord Shiva during Pardosh Vrat is best way to lead one towards spiritual empowerment. It is also believed that offering Bael leaf is enough to recover from all sins.

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