Share Market Astrology

The bear and bull trend in the stock market is a constant episode with market changing every other day. Our buying and selling decisions thoroughly depend upon the trends in the market. Believe it or not, the profit or loss in the market that is dependent on the speculations is directly affected by the movements of celestial bodies as well.

Specific celestial principles govern and bestow the wealth and riches to the native. The primary role in speculation and gambling is played by the 5th house and the planets present in it. If your fifth house and the planets asserting the fifth house are beneficial, you will have a series of gains from share market. Have a look at what impact different planets make when they are present in your fifth house.

Sun: When the sun is present in the 5th house, it brings bad luck for the native in speculative ventures. This placement of the sun in regarded as unfavourable and hostile for activities like trading in the share market. However, if the sun and ascendant’s lord are placed in such a manner that there is a positive synergy between them, it can be beneficial.

Moon: When the moon is in the 5th house, the native earns prosperity and wealth from speculative means. People with such placement of the Moon can be good investors and can gain affluence in investment ventures.

Mars: People who have mars in their fifth house tend to take risks and enjoy gambling. However, this placement is not deemed as favourable, and the native may lose money in the share market.

Mercury: Mercury in the 5th house is the most desirable placement in share market astrology. It is associated with fortunes, and the native can earn enormous wealth and prosperity in life.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: Any of these planets in the 5th house indicate that the native is susceptible to lose money and may become a victim of fraudulent companies. However, the ill-effect of these planets on the native’s speculative ventures can be nullified if there are other beneficial planets in the house.

It is recommended that visitors invest in the stock market only if they have benefic combinations in their horoscope. If the planetary positions are not in favour, there is no meaning of losing hard-earned wealth in speculation activities.

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