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Dreams are a part and parcel of our sleeping schedules; we get so used to of seeing dreams in our life that we often sometimes try to find meaning in what they symbolise in our lives. There is nothing wrong with trying to find the hidden meaning behind our dreams. In fact, it is a really good habit because our dreams are a way that our energies talk to us in a symbolic manner.

When it comes to interpretations of dreams, one of the most commonly asked questions is always about the significance of seeing a snake in our dreams. Because of the nature and the image of snakes as an animal, people often tend to be fearful of even dreaming about snakes. But astrology suggests that since no two people are the same, their dreams can all have different meanings. Instead of being afraid of the fact that you saw a snake in your dream, understand the implications of the dream. To help you get a better understanding of different meanings of seeing a snake in your dream, here are some general implications.

What It Means To See a Snake in your Dreams

There are a number of ways that a dream about snakes can be interpreted. Take a look at these situations and find out the meaning of what that dream you saw meant.

  • If you are afraid of snakes in real life and the dream invokes that kind of feeling in you again, then the dream will symbolise the presence of enemies in your life. It can also be a warning of physical harm to you.
  • Seeing a pit full of snakes in your dream is a bad sign as it is a symbol of bad luck.
  • If you get bitten off by a snake in your dream, then it symbolises the cure for a disease that has been bugging you.
  • If you bite or eat the snake in a dream, it means that you will gain material wealth in the coming times, while it may also mean that you should be expecting a child pretty soon.
  • If you catch a snake in your dreams, it means that you will be gaining an important victory over your enemies pretty soon.
  • Killing a snake is a bad sign. It means something really unlucky is about to happen to you. However, if you kill a snake that was threatening you symbolises a victory over a threatening adversary in real life.
  • A snake falling on you may mean that there is a disease on its way to affect your life.
  • Snakes crossing your path or climbing a tree in a dream means good luck, while seeing snakes in water can have a rather purifying effect on your life.
  • Seeing a snake rising up or coming out of hibernation is a sign that you need to nurture your hidden passions and take them seriously.
  • A baby snake may not seem like a threat to you, but they are just as lethal as their adult counterparts. Similarly, seeing a baby snake in your dreams may symbolise that the threat you may not be concerned about is actually more dangerous than you are giving it credit for.

It is natural to be afraid of snakes because they pose a really large and real threat to our lives, even though they are really docile animals. But instead of writing off every snake dream as bad luck, interpret them for what they may actually mean. For more specific information, you can visit the best astrologer in India Pt Pawan Kaushik. He will help you unlock the potential of your energies. Book an appointment with the expert astrologer or reserve your session on a call today!