PUJA MUHURAT – 06:03 to 08:39 (2 Hours 35 Mins)
Panchami Tithi Begins = 04:04 on 7/Aug/2016
Panchami Tithi Ends = 05:58 on 8/Aug/2016

Hindus all over India celebrate Nag Panchami on Shukla Paksh Panchmi in the month of Shravan. On this pious day, devotees worship Snake Gods (naga devtas) in order to seek blessings for their family’s well-being, protection from evil spirits and purification from thoughts that are as poisonous as a snake’s venom.


  • Legend of Taksaka and Janamjeya: As per our Vedic scriptures, King Parikshit was killed by a snake, Taksaka. His father’s unnatural death angered Janamjeya to an extent that he resolved to avenge his father’s sad demise by performing great Sarpa satra – a sacrifice to destroy all living snakes. He performed this sacrifice with the help of learned priests and Brahmins who initiated such a destructive fire that it attracted and killed all the snakes. As the fire intensified, even snake Taksaka (who was hiding in the heavenly abode of Lord Indra) got dragged into the fire along with Devaraj Indra. Devraj Indra pleaded Goddess Manasdevi for mercy, who later asked Her son, Astika, to rescue Indra and Taksaka. Surprised and impressed by the Saintly words of Astika, Janamjeya gave up his vengeful desire and asked the Brahmins to stop the great fire. All the snakes were, hence, saved.
  • Legend Of Lord Krishna And Kaliya Naga: Another legend states that once Lord Krishna was playing with His friends when their ball was stuck in a tree at the banks of river Yamuna. While climbing up the tree, Lord Krishna fell in Yamuna and encountered the most venomous snake, Kaliya. Thus, began a fatal battle between Lord Krishna and Kaliya Naga, where Kaliya was finally defeated.

As both these incidents fell on the Shukla Paksh Panchami in the month of Shravan, thus began the tradition of celebrating Nag Panchami where humans pray and urge Naga Devta to not harm the mankind.


  • Devotees observe fast on the eve of Nag Panchami to seek protection for your family and to ward off any evil forces. This day is also known as Nag Chaturthi.
  • Followers also visit snake holes in the temples to worship the Nagas.
  • Idols of Snake God made of stone or wood is bathed with Panchamrit (mixture of milk, yogurt, sugar, honey and butter) followed by the aarti.
  • Milk, Kusha grass, sandalwood, akshat (rice), sweets and flowers are offered to the nagas.
  • Kaal Sarpa Nivarana Puja is also held at temple for people with Kaal Sarpa Dosh in their kundlis.

Note: It is advised to not kill snakes on this day as doing so can infuriate the snake Lord.


सर्वे नागा: प्रीयन्तां मे ये केचित् पृथ्वीतले।
ये च हेलिमरीचिस्था ये न्तरे दिवि संस्थिता:।।
ये नदीषु महानागा ये सरस्वतिगामिन:।
ये च वापीतडागेषु तेषु सर्वेषु वै नम:।।
Translation : May all the snakes staying in this world, sky, heaven, sunrays, lakes, wells, etc. bless us and we all salute them. ।। Wish you all a very Happy Nag Panchami ।।