As a farmer sow the seeds to get the ripe crops within a specific time; similarly, we sow the seed of karma in our lives for a favourable spiritual effect. These karmas or activities performed on an auspicious time bestow more benefits. This auspicious time is called Mahurat. Mahurat is nothing but a Hindu unit for measuring time. A mahurat has two ghadiyan or 48 minutes. For any spiritual or religious activity, one has to find a perfect time according to his/her horoscope. As a doctor prescribes different medicines for different diseases, similarly an expert astrologer calculates favourable mahurats for different activities and different horoscope. The mahurat can be calculated for following:

  • Baby shower, naming ceremony, jawal [the mundane ceremony], annaprasha.
  • Before buying a new house, land, etc.
  • Before starting a new business, signing a deed or contracts, etc.
  • It is most important at the time of marriage, as it believed to be a start of a new life and this auspicious act performed on an auspicious time bestows positivity and compatibility between the couple.

Who doesn’t fancy a stress-free life? It is very important to perform notable deeds on what we call Shubh mahurat! One should always find an auspicious time [Mahurat] prior to undertaking any new venture. This can greatly benefit the native and remove hurdles to an extent! To find a Shubh Mahurat, it is highly advised to consult an authentic and knowledgeable astrologer for the combinations of Nakshatra, Moon lagana, Tithi, Panchang, etc.


According to the various writings in Shastra, one should start the day by getting up at Bramamahuratha (one and a half hour before Sunrise). This is believed to be a mahurat of Lord Bramha (the creator) and is the perfect time to connect with God! It is the key to unlock the mystery and a path to success and prosperity.


As per Gita, Time [Samay] is a form of god, which is most powerful and in transmutable. Hence the right karma, done on the right time gives the blooming results. It has an ability to make someone either weak or strong. Time has a quality to work same in clock but differs in everyone’s life. An auspicious time can be inauspicious for others, a perfect example for this is seen in Mahabharata.

In the battle of Mahabharata, King Dhritrashrta chose the mahurat before the battle of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna knew about this. The MAHURAT chosen by dhritrashtra [kaurava] was exhausted by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna disenchanted Arjuna and began to deliver sermons. As soon as the suitable time for Kaurava’s ended, the favourable time for Pandava’s started. The battle of Mahabharata was started which led to the winning of Pandava’s. Since then the auspicious time [shubh muhurat] became significant.


  • New business ventures should not be carried on at rikta tithi or in the 4th,5th and 14th day of lunar month.
  • One should start the business at shukla paksha. Deeds should not be signed on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.
  • New projects whether business or educational should not be started in nanda tithi and during pratipada, or 6th and 11th day of lunar day.
  • No new plans for business should be decided during 3 days before and after planets are destroyed or rose. The personal and professional facts should not be finalized at the time when god of birth sign and birth naksharta falls in between enemy planets.
  • At the time of khshay tithi the mahurats should be avoided.
  • A child should not be admitted in school at the time of devsgayan, as this time is considered as the time for god to take rest.
  • It is considered to be inauspicious to float a loan on Wednesday and to borrow one on Tuesday.
  • While buying a new vehicle, one should ensure that the Moon is away from Ghaat sign of one’s’ birth sign.