People say opposites attract but is it true even in the case of human beings? It is believed that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. The matches are pre-decided in accordance with a lot of factors. Astrological predictions are useful not just for future forecasts, but also, minutely, studies the nature, behavior and fate of a person. Indian society strongly believes in long-term and lasting marriages. As per Hindu beliefs, the union between two people is believed to extend across seven lives or even more. Hence, it is very important to ensure a compatible match by careful analysis of both the Kundlis. Once a couple tie knots, their horoscopes combine with each other and affect every single aspect of their married life. Match-making plays a significant role in ensuring the couple’s lasting and ‘happily ever after’ marriage.

Ashta Kutas

Match-making is usually done by referring to Melapak Chart on the basis of eight factors. These 8 factors, known as Ashta Kutas, are significant for judging a marriage’s stability. They are:
  • Varna: It decides the temperament of a person. It is highly useful to determine politeness or aggressive nature of a couple.
  • Vashya: It indicates mutual coordination or inclination of the couple towards each other.
  • Tara or Dina: This indicate good health and well-being of the prospective couple.
  • Yoni: This represents the sexual intimacy and understanding of the pair.
  • Graha Maitri : It signifies the spiritual and the intellectual level of the two people.
  • Gaana : This represents the match in the temperament of the couple and determines whether their union would be peaceful or aggressive
  • Bhakoot or Rashi : Being assigned the maximum points the significance of this Kuta is supreme. It decides whether, or not, the couple would be emotionally compatible for each other.

Ashta Kutas sums up to a total of 36 points. On the basis of these kutas, the compatibility of a couple is analyzed and this method is known as ‘Guna Matching’. If the matching score results in a total of 18 points or above, the couple is believed to be compatible for each other. Couples, who score 18 or less, are not recommended to proceed for marriage.

Naadi Dosha

Another important criterion for match-making in India is Naadi Dosha, which takes place when the bride and the groom both have the same naadi. This means both the partners exhibit a very similar nature such as laziness, lying nature etc. Couples having naadi dosha should avoid entering into matrimonial alliance. In case they are looking to get married, it is highly advised to perform some remedial measures in order to achieve a successful married life.

Kuja Dosha

Kuja dosha is another angle that is carefully studied while matching Kundlis. If the positioning of Mars is in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the Moon sign, then it is called Kuja Dosha. Kuja dosha results in problems related to health and may also result in fatal accident or death at an early age. The negative effects of Kuja Dosha can be reduced to an extent but cannot be completely canceled. Couples having Kuja Dosha are not advised to enter into a marriage.

One should pay attention to the above mentioned necessary parameters in order to achieve a happy married life. Consult a top astrologer in Gurgaon, Pt. Pawan Kaushik and find your perfect life partner!