Lunar Eclipse Rituals to Prevent Yourself from Its Ill Effects

Lunar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon in which the shadow of Earth falls on the moon and the sun, moon and earth fall in one line. As per astrology, there are various beliefs about lunar eclipse that hold a major significance. Scientifically, the moon cycle has various effects on the human body and that is why astrology experts suggest not to eat during eclipse because the gas released during this period turns the food inside your stomach into poison. In addition to this, there are several does and donts that are good to be followed during this period.

Things to do during eclipse

As per astrology, it is a good practice to take a ritualistic bath before the eclipse and it is also advised to pray during the eclipse. It is also advisable to protect the food by keeping Tulsi leaves as it has healing benefits that help to keep the food healthy. The idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu should be bathed on this day. One must also offer water to the deceased souls on this day and perform some charity if possible.

Things to avoid on Lunar Eclipse

The astrology experts believe that one should not eat the food that is cooked even nine hours before the eclipse and also avoid travelling during the eclipse. It is also a good practice to avoid proceeding with any new or important deals during the eclipse. One should also avoid offering food to god during this period and also avoid drinking water. The pregnant women are advised to stay indoors so that any ill effects of eclipse on the baby can be avoided. It is also advised not to deliver an oil massage or indulge in any sexual activity during the Eclipse. Apart from this, try to avoid travel if possible.

Lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that has a huge astrological significance. It is possible to avoid its harmful effects if one follows the prescribed rituals. For personalized guidance feel free to contact Pt. Pawan Kaushik. Simply call on +91- 9999097600 and get your appointment fixed.