As per ancient traditional beliefs, every building inhabits certain energies. Be it negative or positive, VastuShastra is an in-depth learning of these energies and the methods to balance these energies. A building constructed, in accordance with the basic fundamentals of Vastu, can help evade these negative energies and welcome positive energies to ensure prosperity, peace and harmony in the house.

Once somebody starts living in this house or building, his life starts getting influenced by these energies of the house. Following some simple Vastu Tips can help the inhabitant overcome his tough or troubled times and can make his life comfortable and easier. PtPawanKaushik is a renowned Vastu expert in Delhi NCR, who has been providing his valuable guidance to those in need. He says ‘Whenever you are planning to buy a house, plot or workplace, you should definitely consult a Vastu expert to ensure trouble-free and good health of the house.’He also adds that‘One should understand that every single thing has been assigned a definite place and direction as perVastuShastra.Hence, while decorating the house, one must be extremely cautious about the location/direction of the belongings.

For example:

  • The walls in the house should be painted in lighter tones, as these shades promote relaxation, harmony and tranquility. Dark colors promote tension and should be avoided at any cost.
  • Any water body inside the house like the swimming pool, an aquarium or water tank should be placed in the Northeast direction as water signifies wealth and this direction enhances power of prosperity.
  • There should be a provision for some empty space in the centre of the house from where light enters. This central space should always remain spotless and unoccupied.

A Vastu obliged place is never deprived of positive effects and always prospers in every way.Keep your home safe from the evil eyes, ill health and negative energy in the surroundings. After all, home is the starting place of love, home & dreams!