Most of the times, individuals are well aware of their date, time and place of birth. However, there exist some people who have no idea about the same. It may seem impossible for you to predict the positive and negative aspects of your present and future. However, it is attributed to the richness of Vedic Astrology, that even without witnessing your birth chart; you are still in a position to look into your past, present and future. This is possible with the help of principles of Horary astrology.

Horary Astrology is one of the most ancient astrological applications of astrology. It concludes specific questions and responses. The foundation of horary chart is the time when you had asked a particular question to the astrologer and the position of the map during that time in the sky. The chart provides you the question, the details which lead to that question, your present situation and predict your future. The answers which are provided by the astrologer can vary from a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to dense insights.

The predictions, thus, depend upon the planetary position at which the question was asked by the querrant. ‘Lagna’ is a significant tool while predicting the future which can be determined by the particular moment when the ‘question’ was asked. Another method for determining ‘Lagna’ is with the help of ‘Chozhiparal’, or seashells, and is considered comparatively accurate.

What is the historical significance of this astrology ?

For centuries, this particular branch of Vedic Astrology was known as Prashna Shastra in India. There are a number of respective references in the ancient Indian culture and civilization.


There are certain thumb rules and norms in Astrology, each of which are of great importance in predicting one’s future. One of the strictest disciplines of Vedic Astrology is Horary Astrology. In order to predict various queries in relation to this, it is important to know the position of the moon and its relation to the aspects. The aspects in here, signifies the angle which the planet make with each other. Followed by this, is the planetary aspect in relation to the cusp which needs to be taken into consideration. The other key elements involved in horary astrology include lunar nodes, planetary antiscia, Arabic parts and fixed stars.

The very first step in predicting a solution is by assigning the key aspect asked about in the question, to the particular house in the chart.

How is the procedure of assigning houses followed ?

There are a total of 12 houses in the birth chart. The assignment to that particular house, as well as its ruler, determines the question and its solution.

Provided below is the association of the houses with reference to the person asking that question (querrant):-

First House- It represents the querrant; his or her physical appearance as well as the personality.

Second House-Commonly referred to as the House of Possessions, it provides a lookout of the querrant’s wealth, finance and possessions. It also provides insight with respect to your allies or well wishers.

Third House – Third house predicts your siblings, neighbors, communication, and contacts. It also relates to the short journeys and travel along with paperwork, emails and letters. Car is a movable possession and thus relates to the Second House if the question is pertaining to possessions. However, if the same is in relation to travel or journey, the Third house will be looked upon.

Fourth House- The fourth house provides a solution to queries pertaining to parents and immovable possession. Hence, if the question is related to house, garden, or mines, this is where the astrologer needs to look.

Fifth House-It determines each and every venue which is responsible for providing pleasure and entertainment. This includes romance, love, children, restaurants, recreation homes, wine etc.

Sixth House-The Sixth house involves illness, disease and sickness. It also provides solution to queries related to servants, pets and pet animals.

Seventh House- It is the house of open enemies. It only include enemies one is aware of.

Eighth House- Considered the most powerful house, it is the house of death, fear and anxiety. This, at the same time, involves sex in a lustful, negative manner. It is also referred to as the house of other people’s money.

Ninth House- the Ninth house is the house of long-distance travel, foreign land or travelling to exotic locations. Also known as the house of Philosophy, it provides knowledge related to universities or subject of higher education. In addition to this, it is also related to the significance of meaning, purpose and spirituality.

Tenth House- Commonly considered as the house of Social status, this house relates to career, head of states, leaders and powerful people.

Eleventh House-This is known as the House of Good Spirit and also The House of Friends. This house addresses the kind of friend one would make, their approach towards their friends and defines our basic character very well, which, in a way, describes the type of friends one chooses.

Twelfth House- This is the House of hidden motives and enemies. It also involves aspects like captivity, imprisonment and self undoing.

When a particular question is asked by the querent, sometimes ‘Turning the chart’ proves beneficial.

What is the concept behind turning the chart?

Turning the chart is a simple method of extended judgment in order to find a solution to a query. For instance, The fourth house is related to father and the third house to siblings. In order to gain insight about father’s siblings, you can turn the chart and refer to the third house (sibling) from the fourth house (father). In simple terms, the turned houses are nothing but the derived houses.


The concept of planetary dignity and reception is the foundation of horary astrology. Dignity is again subdivided into two forms, Essential and Accidental. Essential dignity is a constant factor that refers to the strength or weakness of a planet in a specific chart. Accidental dignity is an indication of the strength a plane. One should note that it is nowhere related to the nature of the planet and is only a reflection of present external conditions.

Horary Astrology is one of the most ancient astrological sciences. It is a fusion of astrology and astronomy based upon the position of planets along with the date and place of one’s birth. Horary Astrology can be quite accurate and is purely based upon the question asked by the querrant and the exact time when the question was asked. This leads to the an accurate mapping of past, present and future with regard to various aspects of life like siblings, wealth, travel, desires, recreations and achievements.

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