Gem Therapy: The Ultimate Healing Power of Gems

‘Gemology’ is the word that describes the art that deals with the gems that pass through the hand of the diamond cutter. The Earth’s crust can be considered as the primordial pool of minerals from where different gemstones are obtained. The colours of the gemstones create a great impact on the human body. Although this functioning is not clearly understood, gemstones have been used since ages for a healing a range of diseases and protecting from a variety of ailments, negative energy and physical & mental sufferings.

Let’s Talk Facts First!

The history of gemstones and crystal is thousands of years old, and its beginning cannot be traced precisely. In recent years, evidence has been found for the use of gemstones in Palaeolithic age for ornamental purpose. However, the first account of healing using gemstones came from the ancient Egyptians, who gave detailed insights into how gemstones can heal and protect.

How does Gemstone therapy Work?

Gemstone therapeutics is a part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The therapy is not regarded as a part of conventional treatments but is recognised as an alternative procedure. The gemstones or the crystals obtained from the Earth’s crust are an inexhaustible source of energy, which invigorates, balance, heal, and tranquilise in all natural ways.

The gemstones are selected individually according to the wavelength to influence a particular part of the body. The gemstones healing is primarily based on the vibrations that are released from the gem, which is an ultimate source of energy. When these vibrations interact with the body’s energy field, the sufferings and agony reduce. Although there is no side effect of the gem therapy, the gems must be selected after considering an astrologer for appropriate impact.

Types of Gem Therapies

Following are the types of treatments using gemstones:

1. Wearing Jewellery: This is amongst the most popular types of treatment and the easiest ones. The crystals or gems are worn in the form of ring, pendants, or jewellery to keep them close to the body. When the gems are in contact with the body, they emit radiations that dispose of any negative energy responsible for ill-health.

2. Feng Shui: Feng Shui is also among the oldest forms of treatment. There are multiple cures under this, all of which repel, dissipate, and reduce any harmful energy. In such type of treatment, large pieces of gems are kept in the houses, workplace, and other places to keep the place energised. When the gems are placed in the room, they work as effective room cleansers and magnetise positive energy towards them.

3. Gem Essences: In this type of treatment, gemstone essence is prepared by immersing the gem in pure water. The water is kept under the sun for a few days so that the energy percolates through the stone. After a few days, the water is consumed in the form of medicine by taking a few drops directly or by making a concoction with water, which is sipped slowly. The prepared water can also be used with massage oil, added to bathwater, or sprayed around the body.

4. Meditating with Crystal: There are some stones such as Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz, that enhance spirituality and contentment. Clarity of mind is achieved when meditation is carried out by placing the crystal in the front.

So, delve in the amazing world of gemstones and treat all your ailments, get rid of all of the emotional and mental sufferings. Visit the site for consultation regarding different gemstones.