Our great sages of ancient times perfected the science of astrology and introduced the magical world of it. Since then, the field has witnessed continuous developments and flourished into many branches like Vastu Shastra and Gemology.

Gemology is the branch of astrology that tells us about the gemstones that are associated with the planets affecting our lives. The use of gemstones has been an ancient practice in India. In fact, there are multiple scriptural evidence that shows that the concept of gemology existed in ancient India.

Astrology believes that we can change our Karmas and that Karmas are not eternal. With the help of certain gemstones, we can balance our energies and enhance our Karma. A certain combination of planets creates troubles in our lives and gems are the antidote to them.

For instance, Ruby is associated with weak Sun and Red Coral with Mars. Similarly, associated with Venus is the Diamond and the pearl with the Moon.

This blog digs deeper into the domain and brings out the favourable gemstone combinations that can be used to enhance the positive effects of planets as per astrological sources.

Health Problems

As per astrology, severe health issues arise in our body if we have made others suffer in the past lives. A weak Ascendant lord is an indicator of this.

For different health issues, astrology suggests different types of gemstones combination. For cancer, Colombian Emerald + Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire + Italian Red Coral work wonders. Similarly, for mental disorders and insanity, you can wear Colombian Emerald + Moonstone + blue sapphire. There are different-different stone combinations for different health problems, and one must select the gemstones according to their horoscope and ailments.


Gemstone Combination

Malignant Tumor

4 Carat Emerald + 4 Carat Sapphire + 14 Carat Red Coral

Mental Disorder

4 Carat Emerald+ 10 Carat Moonstone + 3 Carat Blue Sapphire


5 Carat yellow sapphire +5 Carat Blue sapphire + 7 Carat white pearl

Heart Troubles

5 Carat Burmese Ruby + 10 Carat Moonstone

Lung Disease 

Red Coral 12 carat + 3 Carat Emerald will give immediate relief

Gastric, peptic ulcer

4-carat yellowish blue sapphire + 5-carat hessonite


4 Carat Emerald + 3 Carat Yellow sapphire + 6-carat white pearl

Menstrual Trouble

Red Coral 14 carat+ white coral 10 carat + pearl 5 carat


Diamond for 6 months followed by 4-carat yellow sapphire

Life Problems

Life problems can be of many types; each of which can be deciphered from the horoscope of the individual. For example, a person may face problems in married life, job, business, family, education, etc. These problems can be solved with the help of gemstones. For instance, if you are facing disruption in promotions, you can wear yellow sapphire + diamond to make service life easy and enjoyable. If you are experiencing sluggishness in business, you can wear a combination of emerald + diamond.

Life Problems

Gemstone Combination

Political Enmity

3-carat blue sapphire + yellow sapphire 5 carat

Criminal Cases in Court

Cat-eye 4 carat

Troubles in Business

Emerald 6 carat + 70-100 points diamond

Problems in Promotion 

Yellow sapphire 5 carat + diamonds

Almost all the problems in life can be solved by pleasing the Supreme Being by wearing the right gemstones. However, the gems need to be natural, as treated or unnatural gemstones may not inhibit healing properties. In addition, the gemstones must be worn at a particular time after following the method of wearing them properly. For all the gemstone related guidance, you can choose to consult an expert, Pandit Pawan Kaushik, the top astrologer in Gurgaon . Get in touch and get the best results very quickly!