Goddess Laxmi is one of the most worshipped deities of our religion. We leave no stone unturned in pleasing the Goddess of Wealth! After all, if She ever gets angry on her devotees, the repercussions can be frightening! We address her as ‘Maa’ as She happily takes away all the troubles of her beloved devotees upon Herself. Sometimes, some of our deeds and actions can drift our loving Maa away from us! To avoid such a situation, it would be better if you know the habits that can displease the Goddess of Wealth! Please Her, for She has a tendency of moving from one house to another and prefers residing in a place where She is respected and comforted.


Does your mother appreciate you when you scream, say foul words, get into vulgar arguments or lose control over your tongue? She does not! Similarly, Goddess Lakshmi avoids residing in places where there is no peace and where inhabitants do not speak politely. If you want to escape Her wrath, create a warm, affectionate and peaceful atmosphere in the house.

Wrong sleeping patterns

It is said that ‘The one who wakes up early, gets all the good things whereas things slip out of the hands of a person who follows the wrong sleeping pattern’. Always get up before Sunrise and worship Goddess Lakshmi. The ones who follow an anti-clock routine suffer Her wrath and experience health problems.

No definite time for praying

It is sometimes seen that when people get everything that they want from Goddess Lakshmi, they indulge themselves in materialistic things and pleasures and often forget to worship the Goddess who gave them so much. They pray whenever they get time from their routine and not in the morning which is an ideal time that should be devoted to Maa Lakshmi. Always take a bath in the morning and light a diya before Goddess Lakshmi if you do not want Her to take away whatever She gave to you!

Dirty surroundings

We always activate the cleaning mode whenever the month of Diwali approaches. This is mainly because Goddess Lakshmi dislikes entering in places where there is no cleanliness. Remove regularly the spider webs and dirt off the walls and furniture. Also, the devotee must keep themselves tidy and should wear clean clothes, if they do not want Maa Lakshmi to skip their door!

The above five habits must be amended if you do not want Goddess Lakshmi to give your share of prosperity in another house. Correct your ways and see how She showers blessings and wealth on you!

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