The Number 10 consists of ones and zeros in numerology!  The people born with the numerology of 10 are considered to be born for leadership. They have all the necessary qualities in proportion and do not have any extreme elements in their personality that can tarnish their image of a leader. They are clear about what they want and leave absolutely no stone unturned in achieving the same. They do not give anyone, or anything, even the smallest of chances to interfere with their ambitions. A little stubborn, they do not give up on what they want to achieve in their lives. Polite and tender in nature, it is easy for them to win people and hardly come across any enemies throughout their lives.  They might face obstacles in the initial stage but in the long run, they are capable of gaining success all fields of life. They have a creative side with which they create a strong imagination of how their future should look like.

Are number 10s emotional?

They prefer meeting and marrying people who understand their ambitions and cooperate with them. They dislike going out with partners who ask a lot of questions about their professional lives. They want a partner who can matches, both, their emotional as well as physical intimacy. But like other numbers, the downfall for number 10s is, it may seem that they demand a lot of surrender and submission from their partner.

How do they handle their relationship?

They are usually sincere and honest in their relationships and expect the same from their partners.  They are, both, a passionate lover and a good friend to their partner, resulting in their healthy and long lasting relationships. They do not interfere in their partner’s life and expect the same from their partners too. They want their partner to love and adore them for who they are instead of their successful professional life.

What are the weaknesses of number 10s?

They are usually numb and unexpressive. They are usually impatient and want everything to go right in one go. Although they are friendly, but their intolerance and edginess sometimes earn them deadly enemies. Even if they are missing someone or feeling lonely, they do not like admitting it as, for them, it is a sign of weak nature. Sometimes, their shadowy nature can pushes them to take advantage of the weaknesses of people for their personal and professional gains.

Which diseases can harm them?

They are likely to suffer from heart and eye diseases, hence they should be very cautious about the same. It is advised for them to strictly follow healthy diet as they are prone to the problems of high blood pressure.

What is lucky for Number 10?

Lucky numbers– 10, 19, 28. Lucky days – Sunday, Monday. Lucky colors – Gold, Light yellow. Lucky stones  – Yellow diamond, Topaz.