Colours play a very vital role in our everyday life. Every colour that we see or wear has a special relevance attached to it. For instance- White colour symbolizes purity and calmness. This is the reason that politicians and saints are observed wearing white colour most of the time, to display the sanctity of their profession to the public. Pt. Pawan Kaushik adds that ‘Colours exhibits a stimulating energy whenever worn or placed somewhere’. Therefore, it is always advised to use light colours in the bedroom of a pregnant woman or children, as such colours can create vibrant and lively surroundings. Married woman is always clad in deep-red colour as it symbolizes fertility and long life of her husband. Do you know colours can also bring a noticeable change in our moods? They can remarkably influence our physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and emotional levels.

Relationship between Vastu Shastra, Planets and Colours

The directions of the planets in the cosmic universe affect the colours in Vastu Shastra. For Example- Mercury rules the North direction. Green is the colour of Mercury; therefore, any room in this direction must be painted in the shades of green.

Refer to the chart below to know which colour governs which planet and direction

Direction Planet Colour
East Sun Red
West Saturn Black and Blue
North Mercury Green
South Mars Red
North- East Jupiter Yellow
North- West Moon White
South-West Rahu Blue and Grey
South-East Venus Pearl White

Colours and their effect

Every individual has a particular liking and disliking for a specific colour. Ever wondered why a withering plant tend to make us feel sad; while a green plant loaded with fruits and flowers surprisingly lifts our mood? Pt. Pawan Kaushik jots down the impact of certain colours on our lives according to Vastu


Although Red is the symbol of courage and power, it should not be used in rooms of a person with weak heart as it is known to cause stimulating effect and bring stress. Red is the colour known for intense emotions and spirits.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Orange is the colour worn by sages, and it is a symbol of spirituality. It is known for bringing happiness, positivity and spirituality in the surroundings; and is known to stimulate appetite. Hence, it is an excellent choice for the walls of dining room.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Green represents new and youth. This colour paves way for peace and harmony in the household. It is also know for it’s healing effect as well as guarantees rejuvenation. Green is an excellent choice for the walls of study room.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Yellow is the colour of knowledge and endurance. Being a colour that is radiated by the Sun, Yellow is an excellent choice for the walls of Puja room.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Blue represents calmness and is a colour of new beginnings. It is an excellent choice for the walls of bedroom and the meditation room as it promotes relaxation.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Purple is the colour of belief, reliance and respect. It promotes stillness in relationships. Although, one must note that too much purple can look very controlling. Prefer painting only one wall of the room with this colour, if desired.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


White is the most attractive colour in the house, which mixes well with most of the colours. It is looked upon as the most positive colour. It is an excellent choice for the ceilings as it makes the room look brighter and bigger.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Pink is one of the most preferred Vastu colours for the bedroom. It symbolizes happiness and piousness. Newlyweds are advised to use this colour on their walls, especially if they are planning to conceive. Paint the walls of master bedroom and rooms in Southwest and South with this colour.

Colours and Vastu Shastra


Black represents depression, despair and insecurity. One must definitely avoid using this colour as it brings a sense of frustration and anxiety.

Colours and Vastu Shastra

It is always advisable to seek expert guidance of a reputed Vastu consultant before making any changes to your home.