how to bless, cleanse & activate gemstone

We all get attracted to the allure of gemstones. But we need to bless, cleanse, and activate our gemstones before wearing them. To regather the gemstone’s energy and ward off the bad effect, we should effectively follow the advice of best gemstone pandit. Meanwhile, when a gemstone pandit activates a gemstone, it helps to trigger the healing power. Blessing, cleansing, and activating can help to increase a gemstone’s potency and purity.

Gemstones have calm properties which soothe the mind, body, and spirit. However, after having an accurate gemstone recommendation from the best astrologer in Gurgaon, you’ll feel the best changes in your life.

What is a Gemstone?

Gemstones are minerals, rocks, or organic materials chosen for their beauty, durability, and rarity in jewellery or other human adornments. Although the majority of gemstones are quite hard, some are too soft or delicate to be used in jewellery; as a result, they are frequently displayed in galleries and sought after by collectors.

Colour of Gemstones

Gemstones have a wide range of aesthetic appeal, and many come in an amazing array of hues and shades. The majority of gemstones are not particularly attractive when they are in their natural state; they may resemble common rocks or pebbles, but with expert cutting and polishing, the entire colour and shine are revealed.

In general, gemstones with primary hues that are clear, medium-toned, strong, and saturated are favoured. Here are some basic steps to energise and purify your gemstones to keep the impact intact and effective.

How to Bless Gemstones?

how to bless gemstone

Here are a few steps you can follow to bless your gemstone:

  • Take a shower and at the time prescribed by the astrologer, light up your temple diya or lamp and sit facing the east.
  • Take a small Pooja pot made of copper or silver and put the pendant or the ring with the gemstone in the bowl.
  • Next, add 1-2 spoons of the following to the pot or bowl in the same order as given below:
  1. Honey (Shahad)
  2. Ghee
  3. Unboiled Cow’s Milk
  4. Tulsi leaves
  5. Ganga Jal (Holy water)
  • Pour the holy water on the ring or pendant so that the ring gets totally drenched in the Ganga jal.
  • After finishing these procedures, close your eyes and fold your hands in a prayer position.
  • Next, recite the mantra associated with the planet 108 times. Do this regularly for the next few days.
  • Now open your eyes and remember your favourite lord (Ishta-Dev) for seeking his/her blessings for the rest of your life.
  • Finally, take out the ring or pendant from the bowl and clean it using water and a cotton cloth. In the case of the ring, wear the ring on the correct finger of your right hand as prescribed by your astrologer.

How to Cleanse Gemstones?

Knowing how to cleanse fresh gemstones, replenish them, and enhance their healing power are the prerequisites to wearing them.


Gemstones respond greatly to the high-vibration sound that singing bowls are designed to produce. Each sound has its frequency as well as unique vibration. By utilising the vibrational sound’s therapeutic power, you may improve the beneficial qualities of your gemstone.


With the right motivation, you can alter anything. Energy, which is nothing more than consciousness, makes up everything. The positivity inside you can boost the power of your gemstone. Therefore, the only thing that may purify your crystals is your ideas.

The positive vibrational resonance of gemstones is powerful. Therefore, when you inject positive energy into your gemstone with a clear intention that originates from peace, positivity, and serenity, the bad vibrations can be eliminated.

Various Crystals

Some crystals can store the energy of other crystals. Clear quartz is well known for its healing properties and ability to boost other crystals’ power. Large bits of amethyst and citrine are the best for cleaning other stones.

To learn how to cleanse gemstones using other crystals, start by placing one of these crystals next to a crystal that needs to be cleaned and allowing their energies to merge. It will help to balance energy, clear energetic buildup, and prepare your prized gemstone for new uses.


Sage, palo santo, and incense have been used in religious rituals for spiritual cleansing and protection for ages, and they have the power to clear and alter energy for us. We can release absorbed negativity, remove energetic barriers, and enhance gemstones spiritually.


One of the primary elemental forces is water, a potent purifying force that generates fresh energy and facilitates gemstone’s connection. Deep cleansing helps a gemstone return to its original state by removing accumulated negativity, raising vibration, fostering calm, and promoting peace.


It has an amazing absorbing quality that absorbs all the weight the crystal has been carrying. Thus, employing it in a cleansing ritual helps remove anything that limits gemstone strength.


It has mystical qualities. Its light can help restore the natural healing abilities of gemstones. Moon stands for the divine feminine, calmness and power, and intuition. When the gemstone is exposed to moonlight at night, particularly during a full moon or a new moon, its ability to heal and change our reality is boosted.


The sun is a potent natural energy source that can heal, inspire, and purify. It stands for life and light. If you’re wondering how to clean gemstones with sunlight, you must keep your gemstone in direct sunlight for a time and let it absorb the sun’s rays.

How To Activate A Gemstone?

Healing stones must be reenergized after cleansing at least once every two months. The two methods for triggering the healing stones are as follows:

  • Putting gemstone in the moonlight: It will regenerate if you leave your healing stone out in the open under the full moon. On evenings with a full moon, activation is most effective. It can also be done on other evenings when the moon is visible.
  • Exposing to the sun: A rich source of energy that can be used to revive crystals is the sun, which fuels the entire cosmos. In a basin with some fresh water, place the healing stone. Then, expose it to the light (terrace or window-sill). Remove three hours later, and then you can wear your gemstone.

Can Gemstone Bring Good Fortune In Life?

Do you believe wearing gemstones can alter your life’s course and destiny? Well, undoubtedly! According to Vedic astrology, you can make miracles happen by wearing the accurate gemstone recommendation. Every occurrence in our lives is influenced by planetary motion and alignment. The nine planets are represented by gemstones, which can bring good fortune into our lives by obtaining these planets into harmony.

However, you must be cautious and observant when choosing the gemstone for yourself to ensure that the best gemstone pandit is the accurate gemstone recommendation for you. People wear gemstones that are appropriate for them based on their planet or zodiac house. In addition, numerous people wear jewels as jewellery, accessories, pendant necklaces or rings.

Different kinds of gemstones are represented by different planets, satellites, or stars, are:

  • People born under the sun and those whose zodiac sign is Leo should wear ruby.
  • People born under the sign of Cancer and the moon are said to wear pearls.
  • People with the signs of Mars and Scorpio or Aries should wear coral.
  • People with the zodiac signs of Virgo or Gemini should wear emeralds.
  • Those who are born under the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius are said to benefit from wearing yellow sapphire.
  • People who have Capricorn or Aquarius as their zodiac sign should wear blue sapphire.

Wearing the accurate gemstone recommendation after consulting the best gemstone pandit can benefit each person’s magnetic aura, which is affected by cosmic forces and vibrations based on the motion of the planets and alignments. Numerous areas of life, including physical and mental health, social standing, financial prospects, business, and marriage, relationships, are impacted by planetary movements and configurations. Therefore, people prefer to wear gemstones to be protected and bring good fortune.

Wearing beautiful gemstone jewellery can synchronise the planets and enhance our daily lives. It assists us in taking the easiest route possible to our destination. Gemstones, a strong source, can improve our lives. Wearing the accurate gemstone recommendation will bring better possibilities, so be ready to seize them when they present themselves.

Numerous politicians and celebrities may be seen donning their lucky stones; no matter the circumstance, they never take them off. The power of gemstones is such.

How Can Pt. Pawan Kaushik Help You In This?

After the blessing, cleansing, and activating of gemstones, you must also know which one is the best for you. Pt. Pawan Kaushik is the best Vedic astrologer in Gurgaon, and you may make an appointment with him to find out which gemstone is perfect for you. He has a wealth of information regarding gemstone astrology.

He makes accurate gemstone recommendations for you using his vast knowledge. His advice will have a good effect on your life.


Gemstones will treat you well in return if you treat them well. Gemstones can release old, unhelpful energies and flow freely with new energies after being cleansed and charged. When your gemstone comes into contact with strong negative energy or another person, cleanse it to get the full rewards. Additionally, cleaning will be required if you wear your gemstones during a healing or energetic change.