According to Vedic Astrology, Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj, is the stone for Jupiter. As the largest planet of our solar system, this planet is also known as ‘Guru’ of Gods and indicates wisdom and philosophy. It is a really attractive gemstone that is light yellow in color. It is a mesmerizing gemstone that is famous for its shine and luster. Apart from its physical beauty this gemstone holds huge astrological importance. It is one of the most auspicious gemstone one can ever choose to wear. However, this gemstone is very powerful and should be worn only after consulting a gemstone expert about the same.

This precious gemstone instills religious and pious thoughts in the wearer. Besides this, this gem is believed to have the powers to re-unite the lovers and attract marital bliss. Yellow sapphire gives a ray of hope to the wearer in his dark gloomy days and blesses him with favorable luck.

This supernatural gemstone is highly capable of nullifying malefic effects of the planet Jupiter. It summons the beneficial effects of the planet and bestows the wearer with deeper insights and judgment; resulting in prosperity and greater achievements in life!

This gemstone brings luck and success in the business related to dairy items, beautifying items, ancient items etc. Apart from this, students and individuals looking to enhance their confidence levels and intelligence are highly advised to wear with gemstone after expert consultation. Yellow Sapphire helps soothe and focus a person. Hence, students who get easily distracted while studying can wear this precious stone for better concentration.