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5 Things to Avoid Keeping near Your Pillow While You Sleep

Avoid These Things for Good Sleep

Sleeping in the night is the body’s way of fighting all the stresses and exertions that it went through in the day. This is why almost all sciences, be it the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda or modern medicine and healthcare insist on getting enough sleep every night. While quantity is important, the quality of sleep you get is also equally important. You may sleep for 8 hours, but waking up every hour or two does not necessarily help your body.

The reasons why we wake up sometimes in the middle of the night are manifold. It may probably be a disturbance or a sound, or some other issue of the body. But what about the times when we woke up in the middle of the night for no reason? Maybe it was a bad dream? Or a bad feeling? Believe it or not, most of the times that you wake up in the night for no apparent reason is because of what you have kept near your pillow.

Vastu Shastra needs your place of rest to be completely free of anything that may emit negative energy in the night. If there is anything that may affect the flow of positivity into your body, you must steer clear of it at all costs. This article discusses what you must avoid keeping near your pillow while you sleep at night.

What Things to Not Keep Near Your Pillow at Night

  • Water: It is understandable that you may want to keep a glass of water for yourself if you feel thirsty in the night or may need it any time. But the truth is that by keeping water near your head, you are making your moon suffer. Since the moon is associated with a person’s mind, this may even cause memory and psychiatric issues in a person.
  • Wallet or Money: A lot of people often come from work and keep the wallet right next to their bed as they sit for a while to relax. It is a normal habit, but one that must be broken immediately. Keeping a wallet or money near your pillow makes you get worried about your debts and finances, which is not good for your sleep which must be free of troubles like these.
  • Jewellery or Footwear: Much like a wallet, people also have the habit of taking their jewellery off before they sleep and keep it beside their pillow. The same goes for footwear that when removed, stay under the bed and near the pillow throughout the night. All of these bring bad luck, increase the chance of theft and cause nightmares in people.
  • Books: People who read books before they sleep often leave them near their pillow. This must be avoided as this will keep your mind distracted and moving in the night, causing you restlessness. Keep the book back in its place before you go to sleep, not near your pillow.
  • Gadgets: People who work from home or use their phones before sleeping often tend to leave them beside their pillow before sleeping at night. All of these electronic devices emit negative energies in the night that are not beneficial for your sleep quality. In fact, all work-related devices and paperwork should not even be kept in the bedroom.
  • Sleeping is easily the most important thing that we do in our entire day, which is why it comprises about a third of our day. Doing it right is important every night so we can begin the next day fresh. The best vastu expert in India, Pandit Pawan Kaushik best astrologer in Gurgaon invites you to share your problems and get immediate resolutions of your issues. Book your appointment online or on-call today.

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