Everyone in their profession wants to grow and gain more and more money with every passing year. Whether you are working as an employee or an employer, all want to rise in life and outcast the competition.

However, many times, there are phases in our career in which we face unwanted and uncontrollable problems. No matter how hard we work or how strong our career plans are, we suddenly experience setbacks in our lives. We have to go through phases like termination or suspension of jobs, constant job change, break in career, huge financial losses, and whatnot.

We do everything right but still fall prey to these challenging situations.

You might have heard of many organisations that used to thrive once but now cease to exist. Similarly, you must have also seen people achieving success and then going bankrupt.

Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind these?

If you want an answer to these unexplainable questions, then you will have to look at the larger picture, i.e., why are these events occurring in life.

Astrology can answer all your questions because the horoscope of a person is like a portrait of a person’s life. It can give information about every event happening or is about to happen in the native’s life.

So, let’s understand the astrological aspect of a sudden setback in business and profession.

Astrological Factors Influencing Profession and Career

Before we look at the root cause of any downfall, it is important that we understand the factors that influence our profession directly or indirectly.

  • Ascendant: This indicates a person’s capabilities
  • 5th House: It indicates discontinuity of jobs
  • 6th House: Tell you about condition or work, place of employment, etc.
  • 8th House: House of termination
  • 10th House: It is the main house of profession/career
  • 11th House: This house represents income/cash flow of the native
  • 12th House: This house indicates losses
  • Rahu & Ketu: Unusual or unconventional events of life

In addition to these, other houses and planets in combination with these houses and factors decide the success, loss, growth and downfalls in the profession.

Important Astrological Conditions for the crisis in Career and Professional

  • The eighth house indicates a sudden crisis of life. It is the house of misfortune, fear, misery, intense mental trouble etc. The condition or the Dasha of the planets related to 8th house or 6th house or 12th house causes instability in the job. Saturn transit over the 8th house can lead to termination of the job.
  • Dasha and Antardasha of 12th house is responsible for job instability.
  • Rahu Dasha is also responsible for the loss of a job in 90% of the cases.
  • The native losses job due to many reasons, prime being Jupiter and Rahu Dasha Bhukti.
  • Debilitated or weak lord of 10th house indicates setbacks in professional life.
  • Saturn related to the 10th house of the horoscope indicates a good rise in career accompanied by sudden fall.
  • Venus linked with 10th house, or the lord of 10th house may cause disgrace in professional life.
  • Moon connected to 10th house in any way indicates fluctuations in professional life.
  • Mercury/ Saturn bhukti can also cause the native to become bankrupt.

The best way to deal with the sudden fall is to understand the reason behind the fall by looking into the horoscope and deriving useful insights from it. For horoscope analysis, you can contact Pt. Pawan Kaushik, the best astrologer in Delhi, who has years of experience in business astrology. Get your horoscope analysed and know whether you will succeed in business or not.