A birth chart is a timeless record of all the things that a person will experience in his or her life. Created at the time of birth, the birth chart, natal chart, or the Kundali, is a record of the positioning of the 9 celestial bodies or the Navgraha. This positioning then governs the life of a person and every aspect that makes their personality the way it is. Does that also mean that even factors like personal and professional growth are also ‘encoded’ into our birth chart?

The short answer is yes. While modern science has only just begun to scratch the surface, Astrology has always laid its faith in the interconnectedness of the elements in the surroundings. This means that something like your personal or professional growth is also dependant on the interaction with these elements.

To understand how this works, you will first have to understand the basics of the birth chart.

What is Kundali: the Birth Chart

The birth chart is drafted by an astrologer to show the position of the Navgraha. The astrologer takes the position which is accurate to the last second because the planets can change their stance in seconds as the move. Divided into 12 houses as per the 12 constellations (depict the 12 sun signs), the birth chart assesses the positioning of these 9 planets inside these houses. This positioning, thus, forms a particular personality trait in a person, which is what astrology studies to give answers to people’s questions.

Understanding Growth With Birth Chart

Every planet has its own energy that it lends to the native to shape their life. For example, you can consider the example of Mars, which is a planet often related to the will power of a person and the drive to get things done. Now, if Mars was placed in the 4th House of the Kundali, which is the house of a person’s home and family, it will bring the person the will and drive to create more happiness in the family.

However, if Mars was in the 9th house, it will relate with a person’s principles, learning, and desires. Which means that with the power of Mars in your 9th house, you will be eager to learn, explore, and travel to your heart’s content. With this knowledge, you can understand the impact of other planets as well, like Saturn. Saturn is the representative of forces of hard work, discipline, authority, the ability to set your own limits and to conform to the right standards of behaviour.

Growth is part of everyone’s birth chart, which takes you to places in your life. This is the reason why astrology lays a lot of importance on maintaining the energies in your birth chart and in your life. For any help regarding your birth chart analysis, consult the leading astrology and Gemstone advisor in Delhi, Pandit Pawan Kaushik. A life designer and award-winning astrologer, Pandit Pawan Kaushik has helped more than 10,000 people during his 25 years in the field. Book an appointment now to invite happiness and prosperity in your home today.