Yogas in Horoscope for Accumulating Extreem Wealth

People over the years have been charmed by the financial astrologers for a variety of reasons. The traditional business houses in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc., solicit the service of best astrologers who presage the future of the business and profitable deals for them. All these astrologers make predictions by looking at the fundamental qualities of the planets (Yogas) in the native’s horoscope that uncover the modes of sourcing wealth. Yogas are the unique characteristics of Indian astrology, which are nothing but the planetary positions and their combinations that lead to certain results. Let’s have a look at the common Yogas that procreate gains through lotteries, share market, and other pursuits.

Dhan Yoga: An adage of astrology on wealth reveals that the planets in the 2nd house and the lord of the second house are Dhana Karaka. The association of 2nd house with 5th (Intuition and speculation), 11th (gain), and 9th (luck) houses indicate the financial status of an individual.

Raja Yoga: The angular houses, which are 1st, 7th, 4th, and 10th, are considered an abode of Lord Vishnu. Along with this, 1st, 5th, and 9th house are the residence of goddess Lakshmi. If its lord fortifies the ascendant and there is no malefic planet creating evil effect then the goddess Lakshmi bestows prosperity.

The Moon: An Arbiter of Wealth: The Yogas in the kundali which are formed keeping the moon as the primary determinant bestows greatness and leads to different Yogas such as Adhi Yoga, Gaj-Kesari Yoga, Vasumati Yoga, etc. these Yogas also makes a person prolific earner and confer abundant wealth on him.

Although Yogas are considered crucial for achieving the desired results; however, the mere presence of Yogas is not enough to be assured of the desired results. The problem lies in the interpretation of Yogas along with other astrological factors, which must be carried out properly. It is therefore advisable that a beginner in astrology must take training from only the top 10 Astro trainers in India. All the astrological texts that describe the results of Yogas must be read and understood thoroughly under the guidance of a learned astrologer.

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