Understanding the Benefits of Coloured Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the most exotic minerals with elegant appearance and colour. It is a well-known fact that gemstones embody an intense concentration of energy in their colour, which helps to remove obstructions. Each colour serves a different purpose and exhibits different properties and qualities. If you want to know the mesmerising power of the gemstones and their properties, then have a look at what each colour signifies and the gem associated with it.

  • Blue : Sapphires, Topaz, Lapis and Turquoise are bunch of popular blue-hued gemstones. The colour blue is associated with the serene blue sky and sea, symbolizes trust, wisdom and loyalty. Considered beneficial for mind and body, it is the hue that sharpens the 6th sense and fine tunes the intuition.
  • White : Gemstones associated with colour white are Diamond, White Sapphire, Topaz and White Tourmaline. King of the colours, White represents the totality of life, brings peace and calm to an individual.
  • Green : Emerald, Peridot, and Green Tourmaline are a couple of gems from the green-gemstone family. Green is the colour of renewal and is traditionally associated with money and finances. Colour of Heart Chakra, the color green is connected with love and compassion.
  • Violet : Amethyst is widely known as Violet hued gemstone, the colour gives the power of forgiveness, conviction of thoughts, and intelligence. Violet is the colour of humility and inspire unconditional and selfless love.
  • Red : Ruby, the radiant Coral, and the captivating Carnelian are few popular gems in the colour red. Red is the hue of energy, passion, courage and enthusiasm. It makes a person enthusiastic and removes all the fear from his/her mind.
  • Orange : The gemstones in this category of colour are Fire Opals, Spessartite, Orange Mandarin Garnet, and Orange Sapphire. Gemstones of this colour balance the rate of metabolism stimulates appetite and enhances creativity. This colour also removes introvertedness and certain complexes.
  • Yellow : Yellow Sapphire, Heliodor, Citrine, and Golden Topaz are the gems in the yellow colour category. This colour is used for good luck and fortune basically, but it also activates the energy centres in the body and fosters optimism.
When you wear these coloured gemstones in the form of rings or necklaces, you step into the current of colour that the gemstone draws to itself, which helps you heal. Visit the site to know more!