Mars, the planet of wars, courage and bravery; has negative effect on the lives of people who suffer from Manglik dosha (dosha due to dislocation of planet-Mars in one’s kundli). Moonga acts as the life-saving gemstone against all miseries and injuries inflicted by this planet, Mars.

Top 5 Benefits of Moonga

  • Gain Victory over Evil Forces : Wearing Moonga helps the wearer fight against evil and demonic powers prevailing in one’s environment such as black magic, asuri shakti or any enemies.
  • One-pointed Focus : Moonga helps sharpen one’s memory and increases the person’s focus by multiple times.
  • Get rid of Blood-related Diseases : Moonga also helps cure deadly blood infections such as anemia, leukemia and even blood cancer.
  • Happy Family : People inflicted with Manglik dosha, mostly suffer from disturbed family life with frequent quarrels and disputes. Thus, wearing red-colored Moonga, helps resolve the family troubles and strengthen the familial bond of love, care and concern.
  • Be Fresh forever : Moonga also helps a person overcome lazy attitude and restlessness, hence, remain fresh and active always!

Though Moonga provides endless benefits but one must refer a gemstone expert before wearing Moonga since it can be worn with some other metals to increase its intensity. Moreover, it should be worn at a particular favorable time for best results as suggested by gemstone consultants. To know more about gemstones, refer