Sun plays a pivotal role in governing various aspects of human life. The dislocation of Sun in one’s horoscope causes much distress in a person’s personal and professional life. Ruby (Manikya), a precious gemstone helps neutralize the negative effect of Sun and promotes good health, love, peace, harmony and prosperity

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Ruby

Professional Success : Ruby helps boost a person’s confidence, leadership qualities and favors good-decision making ability, which in turn helps a person climb the ladder of success in respective professional field.

Attractive Personality : Ruby, one of the most important gemstones, helps enhance the wearer’s personality by providing elegance and dignity to one’s character.

Stress-Buster : A person wearing Ruby gets immediate relief from stress, depression, anxiety and piled up tension.

Good Health : Wearing Ruby fosters good health and helps fight against deadly heart diseases and blood pressure problems.

Happy Family Life : Ruby, an epitome of love, peace and harmony; helps resolve family disputes and brings happiness in one’s home.

Though, Ruby acts as a life-saving gemstone for all day-to-day problems but care should be taken before wearing it as Ruby comes in various shapes and sizes; and wearing this gemstone without expert advice from a gemstone consultant can make your life hell! For specialized advice in gem therapy, refer