Vastu Tips for Main entrance

In this ancient science of Vastu, main entrance has been given utmost importance as this is the point from where any dwelling energies, good or bad, enter or exit the house. If this is not built in compliance with Vastu, it will end up allowing more negative energies into the house, leading to constant stress, monetary loss and disputes. Follow the below tips for balancing out any residing energies in the house for a prosperous life.

Place the Main door in East or North

East and North are the most auspicious directions for locating the main door. These directions allow fresh air and light into the house and maintain a positive environment. Avoid building the door on the South wall. In case this cannot be avoided, place another door on the North wall to counterbalance the effects.

Open the Main door, clockwise

The main door should always open clockwise, towards inside. It invites positive energy in the house. Avoid opening the door outside as it fends off the incoming energy.

Use Wood for the Main door

The main door should be built with good quality ‘wood’ and should be painted/decorated with blossoming colors. It invites prosperity and maintains liveliness in the house. Dull, metal doors are a strict no in Vastu Shastra.

Embellish the Main door with ‘Om’

Adorn the main door of the house with the symbols/sculptures of ‘Om’, ‘Swastik’ together with flowers. As per Pt. Pawan Kaushik, famous astrologer in India, doing so is considered very auspicious and helps maintain peace in the house.

Avoid any temples in front of the Main door

A temple directly in front of the main door is considered very inauspicious. Double check the entry of the house before investing in the same. Also, ensure that the main door does not face the intersecting roads as this can cause tensions in the house.

Do not place dustbins on the Main door

The main door is the doorway to positive energies. Placing trash or dustbins on the main door drives away any positive energy and can lead to serious financial loss in the house. Keep your main door clean and clutter-free to ensure positive surroundings.

Even number of doors in the house

> According to Vastu shastra, the total number of doors, windows and ventilators in the house should never be odd in number. Instead, they should always even in number (for example 2, 4, 6, 8) and also, should never end with a Zero (for example 10, 20 etc.).

Illuminate the Main door

Dark colors should be avoided for painting the main door of the house. Also, make sure there is enough lighting on the entrance so as to avoid darkness during late hours.

Do not obstruct the Main door

As per pt. Pawan Kaushik, nothing should obstruct the main gate as this can restrict the flow of positive energy into the house. Do not position any poles, tree, wires or vehicles in front of the door. In addition to this, make sure there is no wall or boundary in front of the main door as well.