With the growing competition and fight for owing the basic needs these days, the cost of living is also increasing at a very fast pace. The survival has become almost impossible without money. Today, affording basic necessities is not a luxury for everybody. As a consequence, most of us end up mortgaging our belongings or taking loans or financial help from others. For some, even though the basic income is sufficient for their daily needs, but the desire to own a luxury has incited most of the people to lumber down in debts. And as a matter of fact, very few are able to cope up from this financial muddle while most of us caught in debt trap and financial crisis throughout our life. Did you know, a non-Vastu friendly house can give rise to serious financial breakdowns and sink you in forever loans?

Reasons for Debts and Financial Crisis

  • Open spaces towards the South and West can put up the house for auction and indebt the native for life.
  • Garden in North-east can bring financial crisis
  • Underground water resource, such as tube well or under-ground well, in South, South-east, South-west or North-west direction can result in heavy losses
  • If dais (platform) is located in the North and is more elevated from the ground than the floor of the inside rooms of the house, it can lead to unnecessary expenditures and debts.
  • Dumped stones, organic waste materials, other storage things in the North can lead to serious losses and can indebt the resident with heavy loans.
  • If the boundaries of the house are extended towards North West, it can lead to court litigation, robbery and debts.
  • Toilets or bathrooms in South-west can bring financial tensions.

Vastu Tips for constructing the house

  • As per Vastu Shastra, always dig a well in North-east before starting the construction of the house.
  • Elevation of the house towards South can bless the inhabitant with wealth and financial support.
  • Make sure the slope of your house roof is in such a way that rain water flows towards North. It can bring prosperity and financial stability to the residents.
  • Less space towards South and more open space towards North ensure financial well being of the occupants.
  • The open land towards North and North-east should be more concave than South and South-west. It ensures stable inflow of cash in the house.
  • While all directions are suitable for garden except North-east, prefer planting trees in South, West and South-west side.
  • Front door should always be larger than other doors in the house
  • it is best to make underground well or tube-well in North, Noth-east and East as it can shower the resident with immense wealth and also help pay off the debts quickly.

Others Remedies to resolve Debts, Loans & Bankruptcy

  • As per Pt. Pawan Kaushik, keeping a bowl of salt in a corner in your bathroom can nullify any prevailing money-related dosha from your house
  • If you have any staircase inside the house, hang a crystal showpiece under the staircase. This can weaken any negative energy from the house.
  • Avoid painting the walls of your kitchen blue. This can intensify economic crises in the house.
  • If you have any loan or credit, try to pay the first instalment on a Tuesday.
  • Place a mirror in the North-east. This can invite good luck and fortune.
  • Place an idol of Lord Kuber or Goddess Laxmi in the North and worship them religiously.

Each penny is precious. Besides taking little precautions for saving money, strictly follow the above Vastu Tips while constructing/buying a house. This can ensure your life long financial prosperity.

Consult Vastu expert Pt. Pawan Kaushik for his expert advice