The Shravan Month in Hindu Mythology has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is a popular Hindu deity who is also known as Mahadev, Bholenath, Neelkanth, Vishvanath and Pashupati! India is a land that is home to many Gods and Goddesses but out of all of them, Lord Shiva is considered the most complex deity. It is often noticed in temples that the shrine of Lord Shiva is always separate from other Gods. Some call him the ‘God of destruction’ but many facts justify why he is the God of Gods! Let us read some of the interesting facts about Lord Shiva that can help you in understanding the divine facts about Him:

  • The Trishul of Shiva symbolises the Trident. It highlights the unification of the three worlds of the human- The world that exists inside, the world around them and the broader world. The Trident is also a representative of the three Gunas – Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.
  • The Damru that Lord Shiva adorns in His hand produces the sacred sound of OM that is the source from which all the languages emerge.
  • The Crescent Moon on the forehead of Lord Shiva is the reason why He is addressed as Chandrashekhar.
  • The neck of Lord Shiva turned blue after He drank the poison during the churning of the ocean. He is therefore called Neelkanth by His devotees.
  • Lord Shiva is also known as the Lord of Dance, Nataraja. There are two sides to Nataraja form of Shiva. One side is ‘Tandava’ that represents the destructive side of Shiva whereas ‘Lasya’ accounts for the gentle side. When Lord Shiva dances, He becomes the symbol of truth and removes the sufferings of His devotees.
  • Ravana, who is a popular figure in Hindu Mythology, was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed that once Ravana was struggling to uproot Mount Kailasha. Lord Shiva saw this and trapped him in His arms. Ravana wanted to escape the powerful grip of Lord Shiva, and hence he started chanting hymns in His praise. He went to such an extreme where he made a Veena by cutting off his head and played music with the tendons. This act of Ravana made him a favourite of Lord Shiva. He not only freed him but also blessed him with powers.
  • Lord Shiva’s first wife was Sati and not Goddess Parvati. However, Goddess Parvati was also a reincarnation of Sati.
  • The Sudarshana Chakra that Lord Krishna always keeps close to His side was given to Him by Lord Shiva.
  • Lord Shiva has in His possession weapons that make Him unbeatable and indestructible! He has
    • Bow made of rainbows
    • Club, which has skull, on its one end
    • Spear that is made of thunderbolts
  • The biggest weapon, however, is the third eye of Shiva which is capable of turning enemies into ashes!
  • When Lord Shiva is calm and peaceful, He is called Bholenath. Lord Shiva is the most popular God of Hindu Mythology. He can become destructive when He is enraged whereas if worshipped whole-heartedly, He can bestow blessings on His devotees and can take away all their troubles!
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