Ratnas or Gemstones are rare and precious pieces of stones that hold an astrological value. Neelam commonly known as Blue Sapphire is one of the strongest Gemstone that is used to nullify the malefic effect of Shani (Saturn). It is said to be the most effective and powerful gem of Kaliyuga. Sometimes a person starts experiencing transformations right after wearing the Gem. Neelam brings fortune that a person dreams of. But do you know that Neelam can even create havoc if it is worn by an individual who is not supposed to wear it? Doing so can be disastrous, and a person can face financial losses, and can experience sleepless nights due to family feuds and failing careers.

Who should wear a Neelam?

  • Neelam contains the powers of Shanidev. The people who have Zodiacs- Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) must wear Neelam.
  • Neelam acts as an antenna that traps the aura of the Saturn and transmits it to the wearer.
  • Neelam brings financial stability to the wearer. Saturn is a planet that helps the wearer only if they help themselves. Saturn is a planet that blesses its native if and only if they work hard to accomplish their goals.
  • Industrialists, real estate developers and mill owners usually wear the Gemstone as it bestows them with wealth.
  • Neelam is recommended for people who have little confidence and wearing the Gemstone brings stability in their life. They get cured of the evil eyes that negatively affect them.
  • Individuals who suffer from depression must wear a Neelam as the Gem evades negativity and shows the wearer the positive path of life.
How can you test a Neelam?

  • For enjoying the benefits of Neelam, it is very important that while purchasing it, one must check whether the gemstone is free of all sorts of flaws or not.
  • It is also important that one must check if the Gem is suiting them or not. They can test it by keeping the Neelam in their pockets for 72 hours. If nothing bad happens, then it means Neelam is the suitable gem for you.

Sade Sati and Neelam

Sade Sati is a long transit of Shani or Saturn in a person’s birth chart that remains for an extended period of 7 and half years. Wearing Neelam can help a person in gaining good luck, and they even get rid of the ill-effects of the Sade Sati.

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