Cat’s Eye (Lehsunya) is used as a Gem therapy for the intensification of a weak Ketu (shadow planet). This therapy gemstone is usually found in colours such as yellow, yellowish green and black. Cat’s Eye is known by different names across the globe, such as- Lehsunya, Vaiduria or Chrysoberyl.

Benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Gemstones are miraculous as they produce radiations which help in removing the malefic effects of planets and bring positivity in a person’s life. A Cat’s Eye Gemstone is beneficial in a lot of ways-

  • It brings stability in a person’s life.
  • It blesses a person with courage, strong will-power and wisdom.
  • It is believed that wearing this Gemstone helps a person in attaining Moksha.
  • It opens up doors of opportunities for a person, and they experience sudden money inflow.
  • Wearing Cat’s Eye helps a person in sustaining themselves efficiently.

What are the indications of a weak Vastu?

Symptoms are analysed whenever you fall sick. Similarly, when there is weak Ketu in your Kundli, you always get certain signs.

  • A person seems to be in a constant state of confusion and fear.
  • People with a weak Ketu always ride low on confidence and lack focus.
  • They are poor at taking important decisions as they do not possess the sense of discriminating between things.
  • They do not trust even their close friends and family members and consider them their enemies.
  • They tend to injure and inflict pain upon themselves.
  • They prefer living in the past and do not focus on their present or future life.
  • They crib over issues that are of no use and exhaust their energies in lamenting over them.

When does a Ketu become weak?

8th house is a difficult house of the birth chart and Ketu is mostly weak in this house. It happens when Saturn and Mars, which are malefic planets for Ketu, enter in the 8th house. The Ketu also gets weaker when a weak planet enters the 8th house.

Whenever the situations like above happen, the Astrologers recommend Cat’s Eye Gemstone to a person. Wearing the Gemstones gives insight, knowledge and power of concentration to the wearer.

How to wear the Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

Gems go through a lot of hands before they reach you, and that is the main reason why the wearer must purify them.

  • Cat’s Eye Gemstone, preferably must be worn in Gold.
  • The gemstone must be worn on the middle finger of the wearer’s right hand.
  • Saturday is the day when you should wear a Cat’s Eye gemstone.
  • It must be worn after you purify it by washing it with Ganga Jal.

Note: Gemstones have a lot of power, and it is advised that they must always be worn after consulting an Astrologer.

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