In a house toilets and bathrooms can become a source of negative energies if Vastu principles are not followed while constructing them. Pandit Pawan Kaushik, who is a renowned Vastu expert in Delhi, says, “Vastu guidelines strictly lay stress on the separation of bathrooms from the rooms of the house which our grandmothers and mothers followed in their times.” But due to the space restrictions, the concept of attached toilets has made its way into our present culture. Still, if we make them Vastu Compliant, the negative energies can be swayed away from our living space. If you do not wish to be troubled with the problems that come along with a wrongly placed or maintained bathroom, read the ways that can save you from all the chaos.

What happens when bathrooms are not Vastu-compliant?

Vastu defects in toilets and bathrooms can result in causing:

    Financial instability– No regular inflow of finances. Money gets spent or lost. Health problems – You may face a lot of mental stress. You become prone to accidents.

Steps that you must follow!

Like the other parts of a house, even toilets and bathrooms must be built strictly on Vastu principles. Step 1: Identify the best as well as the second best location for the toilet and bathrooms according to the Vastu norms. North-west is the ideal location whereas North-East is the second best location. Step 2: Identify the Vastu-friendly corners for placing the geyser, taps, mirror and the commode.

The Ideal directions for fittings

  • In a toilet, the Commodes must always be aligned to North-South axis.
  • Entrance into the toilet and bathroom must always be from East or North side.
  • The toilet floor must slope towards East or North.
  • Water storage and taps must be in the East, north or north-east.
  • Geysers must be placed only in the south-east corner of the Bathroom.
  • Always leave space for a small window in the bathroom in East or North.

Some Do’s

  • The commode must be placed in such a manner that the person using it is not be able to see the East or West sides.
  • Toilets must be constructed 1 to 2 feet higher than the ground level.
  • Toilet colours must always be kept light.

Some Don’ts

  • Never have the water closet above or under the bedroom or the Pooja room.
  • Never construct toilets in the centre, North-East or South-West side of the house.
  • Never have the septic tank on the South side.
  • Never place the storage tank or the taps in the South-East or South-West corner.
  • Never construct the toilets adjacent to the Pooja room or the kitchen. They must be placed far from these two areas of the house.

If you can follow and adhere to these simple Vastu tips for your toilets and bathrooms, you will experience a ‘no negative’ atmosphere in the house!

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