Cat’s Eye, another powerful gemstone counters the negative effect of shadow planet, Ketu. This strong gemstone is associated with positive vibrations, good fortune and healthy living.

5 Major Advantages of wearing Cat’s Eye

  • Regain Lost Wealth : People having suffered financial losses are suggested to wear Cat’s Eye gemstone as this gem helps one make up for losses and once again become wealthy.
  • Happy Mind : This gemstone has power to relieve the wearer from stress, anxiety, depression and other fatal brain-related diseases.
  • Wards off Evil Eye : Cat’s Eye gemstone protects the native from all evil and demonic forces, and also keeps a person far away from evil sight of enemies.
  • Good Health : Wearing Cat’s Eye increases one’s appetite and, promotes proper digestion and assimilation of food, which in turn helps a person remain healthy!
  • Spiritual Advancement : Cat’s Eye is one such gemstone that deepens one’s mediation and faith in the Supreme Lord, which in turn assists a person attain salvation (moksha).

Despite numerous advantages of Cat’s Eye, one needs to be quite careful while wearing it as it comes in various sizes and colors; each color and size having its own intensity and power. To know more about gemstones, refer