Marriage not only binds two individuals by vows of love, trust and respect but it connects two families through a strong bond of mutual understanding and reverence for an entire lifetime. Thus, it is extremely important to solemnize a wedding on the most suitable date as advised by astrologers. Below is the list of auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2020 .

Auspicious  Marriage Dates Shubh Vivah  Muhurat Nakshatra  For Marriage Tithi  For Marriage
15th January, Wednesday 07:15 AM to 09:14 PM Uttara Phalguni Panchami, Shashthi
16th January, Thursday 08:32 PM to 02:31 AM, Jan 17 Hasta Saptami
17th January, Friday 01:13 AM to 07:15 AM, Jan 18 Swati Ashtami, Navami
18th January, Saturday 07:15 AM to 12:26 PM Swati Navami
20th January, Monday 07:59 AM to 11:30 PM Anuradha Ekadashi
29th January, Wednesday 12:14 PM to 07:11 AM, Jan 30 Uttara Bhadrapada Panchami
30th January, Thursday 07:11 AM to 07:10 AM, Jan 31 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Panchami, Shashthi
31st January, Friday 07:10 AM to 11:26 AM Revati Shashthi
3rd February, Monday 12:52 AM to 06:14 AM, Feb 04 Rohini Dashami
9th February, Sunday 01:04 AM to 07:04 AM, Feb 10 Magha Pratipada
10th February, Monday 07:04 AM to 11:33 AM Magha Pratipada, Dwitiya
12th February, Wednesday 07:03 AM to 11:38 PM Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Chaturthi
16th February, Sunday 06:59 AM to 11:50 AM Anuradha Ashtami
18th February, Tuesday 02:32 PM to 06:07 AM, Feb 19 Mula Ekadashi
25th February, Tuesday 07:11 PM to 06:50 AM, Feb 26 Uttara Bhadrapada Dwitiya, Tritiya
26th February, Wednesday 06:50 AM to 06:49 AM, Feb 27 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Tritiya, Chaturthi
27th February, Thursday 06:49 AM to 05:28 PM Revati Chaturthi
2nd March, Monday 01:26 AM to 06:44 AM, Mar 03 Rohini Ashtami
3rd March, Tuesday 06:44 AM to 06:43 AM, Mar 04 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Ashtami, Navami
4th March, Wednesday 06:43 AM to 11:24 AM Mrigashirsha Navami
8th March, Sunday 12:12 PM to 03:03 AM, Mar 09 Magha Chaturdashi
11th March, Wednesday 08:12 AM to 07:00 PM Hasta Dwitiya, Tritiya
12th March, Thursday 04:16 PM to 12:04 AM, Mar 13 Swati Chaturthi
14th April, Tuesday 07:41 PM to 05:55 AM, Apr 15 Uttara Ashadha Ashtami
15th April, Wednesday 05:55 AM to 09:04 PM Uttara Ashadha Ashtami, Navami
25th April, Saturday 08:58 PM to 05:45 AM, Apr 26 Rohini Tritiya
26th April, Sunday 05:45 AM to 11:55 PM Rohini Tritiya, Chaturthi
2nd May, Saturday 06:44 AM to 11:40 PM Magha Navami, Dashami
4th May, Monday 08:36 AM to 05:37 AM, May 05 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Dwadashi, Trayodashi
5th May, Tuesday 05:37 AM to 04:39 PM Hasta Trayodashi
6th May, Wednesday 01:51 PM to 07:44 PM Swati Chaturdashi
8th May, Friday 08:38 AM to 12:57 PM Anuradha Pratipada
12th May, Tuesday 05:32 AM to 04:54 AM, May 13 Uttara Ashadha Shashthi
17th May, Sunday 01:59 PM to 05:29 AM, May 18 Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
18th May, Monday 05:29 AM to 05:28 AM, May 19 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Ekadashi, Dwadashi
19th May, Tuesday 05:28 AM to 01:10 PM Revati Dwadashi
23rd May, Saturday 11:45 AM to 05:26 AM, May 24 Rohini Pratipada, Dwitiya
24th May, Sunday 05:26 AM to 05:26 AM, May 25 Mrigashirsha Dwitiya, Tritiya
9th June, Tuesday 05:23 AM to 11:27 AM Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi
13th June, Saturday 09:28 PM to 05:23 AM, Jun 14 Uttara Bhadrapada Ashtami, Navami
14th June 05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, Jun 15 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Navami, Dashami  
15th June, Monday 05:23 AM to 04:30 PM Revati Dashami
25th June, Thursday 06:12 PM to 05:25 AM, Jun 26 Magha Panchami
26th June, Friday 05:25 AM to 11:26 AM Magha Panchami, Shashthi
28th June, Sunday 01:45 PM to 08:14 PM Hasta Ashtami
25th November, Wednesday 06:52 AM to 03:54 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
30th November, Monday 06:56 AM to 06:57 AM, Dec 01 Rohini Purnima, Pratipada
1st December, Tuesday 06:57 AM to 06:57 AM, Dec 02 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Pratipada, Dwitiya
2nd December, Wednesday 12:00 AM, Dec 1 to 10:38 AM Mrigashirsha Tritiya
7th December, Monday 07:20 AM to 02:33 PM Magha Saptami
8th December, Tuesday 01:48 PM to 07:03 AM, Dec 09 Uttara Phalguni Ashtami, Navami
9th December, Wednesday   07:03 AM to 02:07 AM, Dec 10 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Navami, Dashami
11th December, Friday 08:48 AM to 03:52 PM Swati Ekadashi, Dwadashi

These are the Hindu marriage dates in 2020 and people can tie a knot on any of the mentioned day. However, the month of July, August, September, and October are not auspicious and there are no wedding dates available in these months.