The colourful festival of Holi marks the beginning of spring every year and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in various parts of the country. Holi signifies filling your lives with the colours of happiness, friendship, excitement, festivity and love.

It is a two-day festival, which begins with Holika Dahan, a ritual performed one night prior to the colourful day of Holi. On the evening of Holika Dahan, falling on 1st March, 2018 this year, people set a bonfire that marks the end of evil. People enjoy their evening singing and dancing around the bonfire. Worshipping the sacred fire of Holika Dahan is considered auspicious, so is worshipping the moon on this night. It is believed that worshipping moon on the night of Holika Dahan brings good luck and wealth your way.

How to Worship the Moon to Increase Wealth?

Worshipping Lord Moon the right way on Holika Dahan increases your chances of attracting wealth. Here is how you should do it:

  • Prepare your puja thali. On a silver thali (plate), put some chuare (dates), makhane, sabudana cooked with kesar, a white-colored sweet, an earthen lamp with ghee and incense sticks.
  • After moonrise on the night of Holika Dahan, head to the roof or open space to clearly see the moon.
  • Light the lamp and offer milk to Lord Moon, known as Chandra Arga. After milk, offer a part of white-coloured sweet and cooked sabudana to the moon, praying for enhancement of wealth and prosperity.
  • Then, offer the dates and makhanas in your Puja thali to each of your family members as prasad.

You can continue following this ritual on every full moon night too. This will help you attract good luck and wealth to your home. Consult famous astrology expert Pt. Pawan Kaushik for detailed analysis of the planetary combinations in your birth chart. Call on +91-9990176000