An Astrological Guide For A Share Market Trader

Gambling, speculation, lottery, and betting are perceived as the quickest ways for amassing a vast sum of money, property, and fortune with little or no efforts. While some of these activities are illegal in many parts of the world, gambling through stock market enjoys the status of legal practice.

Speculation is the intrinsic nature of a human and people tend to resort to it at some point of life. In the share market, successful speculation leads to speedy multiplication of wealth. However, In India and some other parts of the world, the best astrologers believe that the success or failure in speculation depends on native’s acumen, wisdom, luck, and other factors. Many astrological phenomena govern the stock prices and market conditions, which can make the speculative venture successful or unsuccessful. For instance, slower moving planets cause disturbances in the market for a longer duration; on the flip side, faster-moving planets cause fluctuations for a shorter time.

If you want to trade in share market then here are some aspects of astrology that you might want to consider before making a decision. Have a look!

  • The scope of earning through speculation is governed by the fifth house in the horoscope, its lord, and planets that are positioned in this house. A strong fifth house and its lord when supported by benefic planets indicate gains.
  • If the malefic planets inspect the fifth house in a horoscope and its lord; then the individual has high chances of losses.
  • If the lord of the tenth house occupies the fifth house, then it is fruitful for the person and indicates fortuity amassing wealth through share market.
  • If 6th, 8th or 12th house or their respective lords are associated with 5th house or its lord, the native is not fit for share market and can lose wealth through speculations.
  • The native earns wealth through share market trading and stocks if the lord of the fifth house or the fifth house itself is related to 2nd and 11th house.

These sound astronomical principles bring economic independence and certainly have a definite bearing on the fortune of an individual. It is suggested that if one is destined to earn from the stock market, then only the individual should indulge in investing and trading in the stock market. All the other people, whose planetary conditions are not favourable, can invest in traditional methods like bank deposits.

If you want to arrive at a proper conclusion regarding investment in the share market while considering the astrological phenomenon; you must seek the guidance of a renowned astrologer. Pt. Pawan Kaushik is one such stalwart astrologer who has been reading horoscopes and revealing the outcomes of trading in share market and stock market investments with efficiency.